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Brambleberry Farm U-Pick, Quinte West ( Wooler )

Hill's Diner, Havelock

The Polmenna Barn, Campbellford

Marmora's Memory Lane, Marmora

Eurkwoods Sugar & Gluten Free Foods, Campbellford

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The Riverview Restaurant, Campbellford

judith on 16-Apr-15
I just had the best Lasagne Meal since I have cooked one myself , long ago. Good Home made meal with all the nutrition and taste of home. The sauce is delicious. enjoy!!!! YOU WILL COME AGAIN!!!!!!

Opal Rose Farm, Tweed

Visitor on 15-Apr-15
A great place to visit and purchase livestock! Very friendly and well cared for.

Whispered Secret Pottery Studio, Stirling

Helen Cowan on 15-Apr-15
Love this pottery! Durable and pretty--very practical. The prices are excellent in comparison to other hand thrown pottery. It's a beautiful country drive to Alecia's studio, nice day trip.

Bright, Bright

Megan Metcalfe on 11-Apr-15
I would like to find out a little more about the bright store. I've searched the Internet and can't find anything. I've been lead to believe that the house I own in bright is the old general store. Thanks, Megan

Addison's Restaurant, Kaladar

YVR-AKI on 06-Apr-15
Ate at Addison's twice while camping at Bon Echo. Great home cooked meals, generous portions and extremely reasonable in price. The food was very fresh and tasty. Lasagna and the Meatloaf Mash were favorites.

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