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Carmells Family Restaurant, Tiverton

Hunt's Landscaping Ltd., Carrying Place

Rose's Olde Country Furniture, Dunnville

Cathi and Friends 'STUFF', Dunnville

A Better bite, Hastings

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St. Pauls Station, St. Marys

Nancy Armstrong on 28-Jul-14
I am hoping you might be able to help me. I recently bought an old photograph of a man by the name of Kenneth W. Crawford, who was from Galt, Ontario in 1900. The photo was taken in Ithaca, New York, and is a graduation photo of Kenneth. I looked on Ancestry, and found a Kenneth Crawford living in a small place called St. Paul's, Ontario. Do you happen to know if there is a library or historical society that would have information about St. Paul's? I live in New York State, and am not at all familiar with the area. Nancy Armstrong lass53@aol.com

Doo Doo's Bakery, Bailieboro

Terri Spilek on 28-Jul-14
When I first seen the name Doo Doos I was kind of freaked out a bit when my son was 2 we moved in to a house and he all of a sudden he had an imaginary friend named Doo Doo so of course I had to stop well I have to say they were the best tarts I had ever tasted my sister had told me that this is where she always goes and when we both think of this place we start to drool YUMMY ! thankyou for such a great tart experience

Jeanette's Creek, Tilbury

Michelle McGahey on 28-Jul-14
Hi, My father was Harry Tellier who taught at Jeanette's Creek public school. He married Jean Adrianna Vandersteen who was the older sister of many siblings that he taught. The Vandersteen family had 11 children and many of them were taught by my father at the school. He met my mother when the school put on a Christmas concert and they needed a piano accompanist. One of the students said that her older sister played the piano and this person was my mother. Quite a few of the Vandersteen family are still alive if that name is interesting to this discussion.

Benjamin Lowndes, Campbellford

Olden Wood Revivals on 22-Jul-14
Really appreciated the service, professional advice, and personal attention offered at Benjamin Graphics. No slick sales pitch, here. Just real people who spend their talents and time on you for your best interest. We had a business sign and a vehicle wrap made. All came out beautifully printed, reasonably priced, and on time to our full satisfaction. Ben, Tarama, and Lisa are totally unassuming yet totally dedicated. What is important to you becomes their pursuit to fulfil, no matter the job size. To those looking for quality presentation in advertisement, head to Benjamin Graphics, where they’ll treat you right and work with you to make sure that you like the end results. Wonderful people!

Ming Star Restaurant Inc, Campbellford

GWest on 18-Jul-14
My husband and I had lunch at the restaurant, 7/18/14. It was very good. There were many patrons so the staff was kept busy filling the buffet. The food was very good, especially the mixed veggies, pork in black bean sauce and their breaded items. The Egg Fu Yung (that might be misspelled) was some of the best I've had. I plan to go back soon.

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