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Your Host(s) : Margriet and Ted Van Erp. Normand Comeau. Jane Willich. Artists and Designers

Kincardine, ON (Nearby: Ripley, Inverhuron, Tiverton, Holyrood, Lucknow)

  • Summer Maples, MVE stained glass
  • Birch Forest , MVE stained glass
  • Kincardine Harbour, MVE stained glass
  • Double Love Nest, rustic cedar furniture by Normand Comeau
  • vines and morninglories, MVE custom cabinet art glass
  • Birch Forest, MVE handbuilt clay tile,
  • Killarney Series. oil painting by Jane Willich
  • Canadian Maple, artglass by Margriet Van Erp
  • The Head Leaves, clay scupture, MVE
  • SeeView art-studios. Stained Glass, Clay, Rustic Furniture and Oil Paintings  708C Queen Street. downtown Kincardine

708-C Queen St. (at Durham Market Sq.)
Kincardine, Ontario
N2Z 2A3

Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

educational program for school tours can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible

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Tour Group Person Limit: 10

Driving Directions:
  • Kincardine, downtown at 708-C Queen St. (lower, westview level). across from the Center for the Arts. Overlooking Lake Huron and harbour. North of Goderich, south of Port Elgin. 1.5 hrs. drive up Hwy 86 from the Kitchener Waterloo area.

Business Hours:
  • Art Gallery and MVE Designs Art Studio, Kincardine.Stained Glass. OPEN for Seasonal Exhibition. Retail Art-to-Go open June to September. YEAR ROUND via on-line shopping and commissions. Visit MVE Designs art studios, 708C Queen Street. 519-396-8599.

Description From Owner:
  • Art Gallery and Art Studio for stained glass, handbuilt clay and oil paintings by MARGRIET VAN ERP, artist and designer, Kincardine Ontario . MVE Designs. SeeView Studios
  • Margriet has been a glass and clay artisan for over 20 years. Working on stained glass with overlays of lead and thin mylar film, she uses the surface as a canvas allowing the designs to have a more painterly quality.
  • During the 90's custom architectural work was her main focus. A long list of commissions includes businesses, places of worship and residential entryways, custom windows and doors too numerous to list.
  • In 1997 Margriet began her original artglass series. This features a wonderful selection of 'art-to-go' - ready to hang artglass panels for your walls and windows. These sell through fine-art shows, galleries and gift stores.
  • Margriet's clay is handbuilt sculptural work. Using slip- clay she creates images of trees, forest, beach grasses and lakeview scenes for wall tiles and branch vases. The swirling, abstract images are produced using painting techniques in clay.
  • Margriet uses a low-relief scupture method for her clay series of leafy platters, candletray, decorative masks, fish and sandels. Both clay techniques are her own exploration developed over 20 years of working with earthenware and stoneware.
  • After studying the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto 1985-87, Margriet worked from her home studio in Toronto and the cottage in Point Clark near Kincardine. From 1979 to 1997 she held a career in Toronto advertising and designs agencies.
  • Along side her agency work Margriet designed and produced stained glass commissions and sold work through the One-of-a-Kind show, Toronto, 1997 to 2007. She maintained a stained glass showroom and studio in Kitchener from 1990 to 1998.
  • In 2002 she moved from Toronto with her husband Ted Van Erp to Kincardine Ontario. They purchased a commercial building in downtown Kinardine at 708 Queen Street. They opened 'the SeeView ' in May 2003, an art gallery and studio for MVE Designs.
  • Since May of 2011, Margriet has returned to the study of oil painting. Her new focus is the creation of a series and body of work in paintings of Lakeviews and Landscapes. These compliment her designs in artglass and clay scupture.
  • Her work in stained glass is currently for sale at the Clay and Glass Gallery,Waterloo, On. In Kingston at Cornerstone Gifts. In Kincardine at Victoria Park Gallery and J'Adorn Decor. Please USE THE TABS AT THE TOP. SEE photos and new art for sale.
  • Contact: Margriet Van Erp, SeeView Studio, 708-C Queen Street, Kincardine. OPEN daily ON e-mail. Gallery and Gift shop also includes artwork by Jane Willich and Normand Comeau. Commissions and Custom work accepted. 519-396-8599.

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The SeeView Studios and Gallery, Phone : (111) 111-1111

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  • Celtic Knots and Spiral
  • Kincardine, Lake Huron sunset
  • People/figures
  • Kincardiine, Lake Huron Sunsets
  • Lighthouses and Sailboats
  • Rushes and Reeds,
  • Kincardine & Point Clark Lighthouse
  • Canadian Maple and Mighty Oak
  • forests and lakeviews
  • vines and morning glories,  Iris
  • Kincardine and Point Clark Lighthouse

  • Muskoka Pine
  • Maple Lane
  • Huron Pink Sunset
  • art-studio for stained glass
  • Birch Forest
  • Canadian Maple
  • Golden Eagle
  • United Church, Kemble Ontario
  • Variety of Art-to-Go

  • cedar arm chair

  • willow chair
  • willow chair
  • custom chairs
  • highback chair
  • shelving units
  • pergola
  • pergola and cedar sofas
  • tables
  • double love nest
  • custom pergola
  • custom garden design

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  • downtown Kincardine l
  • SeeView studios  Rooms for Rent
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  • stained glass, rustic furniture, clay tiles
  • gallery view 2
  • gallery view 3
  • gallery view 4
  • gallery view 5
  • Margriet Van Erp, Gallery 6
  • gallery view 7
  • pet portraits
  • gallery view 7
  • bald eagle
  • gallery view 8
  • Maple Sunset

  • Sunday Morning Blue Mass

  • Beach Grasses
  • Branch Vases

  • Killarney Series, #1887
  • Killarney Series, #1913
  • Killarney Series, #1914
  • Killarney Series #1916
  • Killarney Series #1917
  • Killarney Series #1918
  • Killarney Series #1919
  • Killarney Series #1920
  • Killarney Series # 1921
  • Killarney Series #1922
  • Killarney Series #1923
  • Killarney Series #1928

  • Killarney Series, #1936
  • Killarney Series #1959
  • Killarney Series, #1961
  • Killarney Series #1968
  • Killarney Series #1970
  • Killarney Series #1976

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