Parkside Farms (OFFMA)

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Your Host(s) : Dikkeboom, Bernhard J.

Waterdown, ON (Nearby: Millgrove, Dundas, Cedar Springs, Burlington, Kilbride)

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519 Parkside Dr.
Waterdown, Ontario
L0R 2H1

Ontario Tourism Region : Hamilton, Halton, and Brant

educational program for school tours Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc. rides, play areas, mazes, animals, puppets, festivals, live entertainment, etc. school tours, birthdays, reunions, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

[ We Accept Cash ] [ We Accept Interac Direct Payment ]

Driving Directions:
  • 519 Parkside Drive, Waterdown.

Business Hours:
  • Our season starts Oct 1 to Oct 31. Open from 10.00am to 6.00pm.

Description From Owner:
  • Please phone for a crop report (905 689 4829).
  • With every paid WAGON RIDE you get a free field pumpkin and you go to the STORYBOOK FOREST (great for familyfun)!
  • In October please call ahead for school tours, or large groups (905 689 4829).
  • Come to Parkside Farms for the best in PUMPKINS.
  • Brand new school tour wagons. Tours begin every weekend from September 26th to Halloween.
  • We also offer school tours throughout the week.

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Parkside Farms (OFFMA), Phone : (905) 689-4829

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Nikki on 03-Oct-12
Sweetest corn we have ever had!!!

Susan Jakobson on 08-Apr-11
The wonderful farm fresh eggs cannot be beaten - great taste and consistency. My family only wants Parkside eggs after comparing them to grocery store bought eggs!

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