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 Curtis Trailers     
 Kaladar, ON (Nearby: Northbrook, Flinton, Erinsville, Cloyne, Arden)

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113220 Hwy 7, RR#1
Kaladar, Ontario
K0H 1Z0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Phone : (613) 336-8996
Phone : (613) 561-6908
Fax : (613) 336-0670
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Outside Web Page : http://www.curtistrailers.ca
Your Host(s) : Bev Curtis

[ We Accept Cash ] [ We Accept Visa ] [ We Accept Mastercard ] [ We Accept Interac Direct Payment ]

Driving Directions:

  • Our showyard is 1 km. east of Kaladar on Hwy 7. Watch for sign.

Business Hours:

  • Monday to Friday - 8am to 4 pm - Weekend - (By Appointment)

Description From Owner:

  • Curtis Trailers Sales and Manufacturing. Curtis Trailers is 100% Canadian owned and operated and is located on approximately 17 acre of land in the beautiful Town of Kaladar, Ontario, Canada. Curtis Trailers have been in the
  • the trailer business since 1986 and we have grown exponentially since then to provide you with everything that relates to your trailering needs. We are a family run business and we are available to help you with any questions you might have. Because we
  • have been building our trailers for over 10 years, we have refined our business to provide our customers with the finest quality trailers at some of the most competitive prices around. We build and supply every type of trailer imaginable. Some of these
  • include, Landscape, Dump Trailers, Deckovers, Fully Enclosed, Car Haulers and Utility trailers.
  • Having a problem with your existing trailer? Need repairs to your trailer? Need some custom work done? We not only sell trailers, but we also have a 1200 Sq in Kaladar on-site Service & Repair facility complete with everything to address your trailering
  • needs. Have one of our service specialists repair and/or maintain your trailer here at Curtis Trailers. You can’t come to us; we have a mobile repair & welding available as well. Check out our facilities.
  • Need Parts for your Trailer/Hitch? We have an extensive supply of trailer parts and if you don’t have it, we can get it at very competitive prices.

Address of this page: http://www.ruralroutes.com/curtistrailers

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Off the beaten track:
  • Flinton Corner, 7km
  • Glastonbury, 9km
  • Bordenwood, 9km
  • Elm Tree, 8km
  • McGuire Settlement, 13km
  • Gull Creek, 11km
  • Bishop Corners, 15km
  • Hungerford, 15km
  • Harlowe, 16km
  • East Hungerford, 17km
  • Otter Creek, Tweed area, 17km
  • Elzevir, 13km
  • Henderson, 17km
  • Ardendale, 15km
  • Sulphide, 18km
  • Myers Cave, 21km
  • Bellheck, 19km
  • Tamworth, 21km
  • Kirk Cove, 20km
  • Farrell Corners, 23km
  • Bogart, 20km
  • Larkins, 23km
  • Ingle, 25km
  • Cosy Cove, 23km
  • Actinolite, 21km
  • Stoco, 25km
  • Lime Lake, 29km
  • Bon Echo, 28km
  • McLean, 21km
  • Croydon, 28km
  • Reidville, Newburgh area, 27km
  • Lens, 27km
  • Westplain, 31km
  • Fernleigh, 30km
  • Tweed, 26km
  • Roblin, 31km
  • Chapman, 29km
  • Pinegrove, Napanee area, 33km
  • Roblindale, 32km
  • Beech Corners, 33km
  • Naphan, 33km
  • Wagarville, 24km
  • Lost Channel, Tweed area, 30km
  • Moneymore, 32km
  • Queensborough, 25km
  • Duff Corners, 32km
  • Grieves Corners, 34km
  • Wilkinson, 26km
  • Lodgeroom Corners, 29km
  • Chippewa, Yarker, 28km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Otter Creek Lakes, 3km
  • Raccoon Lake, 4km
  • McFarlands Lake, 5km
  • Beatty Lake, 5km
  • Lingham Lakes, 5km
  • Shovel Lake, 6km
  • Donahue Lake, 7km
  • Shirtcliff Lake, 7km
  • Palmeteer Lake, 7km
  • Todd Lake, 8km
  • Mitten Lake, 8km
  • Eddies Lake, 6km
  • Jacksons Lake, 6km
  • Little Mitten Lake, 9km
  • Mellon Lake, 9km
  • Bruno Lake, 10km
  • Little Mellon Lake, 11km
  • Round Lake, 11km
  • Reid Lakes, 11km
  • Haley Lake, 12km
  • McNeil Lakes, 9km
  • Cranberry Lake, 9km
  • Sheffield Long Lake, 10km
  • Calpin Lake, 14km
  • Wallbridge Lake, 11km
  • West Sheffield Lake, 14km
  • Gull Lake, 12km
  • Morgan Lake, 15km
  • Little Bishop Lake, 14km
  • Pleasant Lake, 12km
  • Bull Lake, 11km
  • Little Gull Lake, 12km
  • Crotch Lake, 11km
  • Big Marl Lake, 12km
  • Lyman Lake, 12km
  • Shedwick Lake, 16km
  • Neal Lake, 16km
  • Little Marl Lake, 12km
  • Puzzle Lake, 12km
  • Horseshoe Lake, 12km
  • Bishop Lake, 16km
  • Dutch Lake, 13km
  • Loyst Lake, 13km
  • McDonald Lake, 14km
  • Sampson Lake, 18km
  • Slave Lake, 16km
  • West Cranberry Lake, 15km
  • Buck Lake, 14km
  • Norway Mud Lake, 14km
  • Nervine Lake, 18km

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