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 Bonfield Fair     
 Bonfield, ON (Nearby: Rutherglen, Astorville, Corbeil, Redbridge, Callander)


Bonfield Community Centre, 113 Trunk Rd.
Bonfield, Ontario
P0H 1E0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 752-4963
Fax : (705) 494-6107
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Description From Owner:

  • Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.

Address of this page: http://www.ruralroutes.com/bonfield

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Off the beaten track:
  • Nosbonsing, 5km
  • Booth Landing, 12km
  • Rutherglen, 9km
  • Great Desert, 10km
  • Blanchard's Landing, 10km
  • Chiswick, 14km
  • Songis, 15km
  • Wasing, 18km
  • Fossmill, 18km
  • Grahamvale, 16km
  • Camp Champlain, 14km
  • Kilrush, 17km
  • Alderdale, 18km
  • Redbridge, 18km
  • Balsam Creek, 20km
  • Booth, 15km
  • Hills Siding, 17km
  • Derland, 15km
  • Feronia, 19km
  • Thorncliff, North Bay area, 18km
  • Eau Claire Station, 18km
  • Nipissing Junction, 19km
  • Eau Claire, 20km
  • Powassan, 24km
  • Trout Mills, 22km
  • Birch Haven, 22km
  • Champlain Park, North Bay area, 21km
  • Sage, 23km
  • Marshall Park, 23km
  • Graniteville, 24km
  • Sunset Park, 23km
  • Coristine, 26km
  • Tweedsmuir, 23km
  • Eastview, North Bay area, 24km
  • Ferris, 24km
  • Kiosk, 26km
  • Wallace Heights, 25km
  • Fricker, 25km
  • Mulock, North Bay area, 29km
  • Gateway, 27km
  • Trout Creek, 33km
  • Thibeault Terrace, 27km
  • Pinewood, North Bay area, 28km
  • Cooks Mills, North Bay area, 31km
  • Morel, 28km
  • Nipissing Beach, 28km
  • Storie, 32km
  • Christian Valley, 32km
  • Ascalon, 32km
  • Smith's Landing, 33km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Barse Lake, 5km
  • Froggy Lake, 5km
  • Brumal Lake, 6km
  • La Chapelle Lake, 5km
  • Sheedy Lake, 6km
  • Turtle Lake, 7km
  • Lake Nosbonsing, 6km
  • Werwolf Lake, 8km
  • Pine Lake, 8km
  • Crescent Lake, 8km
  • Moosegrass Lake, 9km
  • Loren Lake, 8km
  • Whitethroat Lake, 9km
  • Bigfish Lake, 10km
  • Walder Lake, 10km
  • Tilliard Lake, 10km
  • Mink Lake, 9km
  • Lake Talon, 10km
  • Long Lake, 10km
  • Little Twin Lakes, 12km
  • Loon Lake, 12km
  • Magee Lake, 12km
  • Tea Lake, 12km
  • Wasi Lake, 13km
  • Little Clear Lake, 13km
  • Pond Lake, 13km
  • Pascal Lake, 13km
  • Turtle Lake, 13km
  • Sparks Lake, 12km
  • Boivin Lake, 12km
  • Dinner Lake, 16km
  • Green Lake, 13km
  • Glassy Lake, 17km
  • Cahill Lake, 15km
  • Turcotte Lake, 13km
  • Sobie Lake, 15km
  • Teesdale Lake, 15km
  • Olmstead Lake, 16km
  • Brucite Lake, 13km
  • James Lake, 13km
  • Round Lake, 18km
  • Bushtrail Lake, 15km
  • Chime Lake, 17km
  • Lunch Lake, 14km
  • L Lake, 19km
  • Wright Lake, 14km
  • Burntshanty Lake, 15km
  • Kilrush Lake, 18km
  • Guilmette Lake, 16km
  • Upper Johnston Lake, 14km

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