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 The Harold Quarry, August 2006, July 2011, July 2016     
 Stirling, ON (Nearby: Springbrook, Marmora, Madoc, Frankford, Campbellford)


11 km. north of Stirling
Stirling, Ontario
K0K 3E0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Phone : (613) 475-4637
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Outside Web Page : http://goo.gl/ohRD1
Your Host(s) : Ontario Rural Routes

rides, play areas, mazes, animals, puppets, festivals, live entertainment, etc.

Driving Directions:

  • Just drive 11.5 km. north from Stirling's downtown

Description From Owner:

  • The Cheese Factories may disappear, but youthful exuberance will not. A hot August day, and the quarry is a great place to cool off.
  • A Rawdon Township wonder, and another reason to visit Ontario's rural routes.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Spring Brook, 2km
  • Sine, 5km
  • Wellman, 5km
  • Bonarlaw, 5km
  • Minto, Stirling area, 5km
  • Mount Pleasant, Stirling area, 9km
  • Anson, 9km
  • Rylstone, 8km
  • Hoards, 11km
  • Glen Ross, 13km
  • Menie, 11km
  • Burnbrae, 11km
  • River Valley, Stirling area, 13km
  • Allan Mills, 10km
  • West Huntingdon, 10km
  • Marmora Station, 14km
  • Ivanhoe, 10km
  • West Huntingdon Station, 11km
  • Tuftsville, 12km
  • Deloro, 15km
  • Pethericks Corners, 11km
  • Ivanhoe Station, 11km
  • Green Acres, 14km
  • Madoc Junction, 12km
  • Oak Lake, Stirling area, 14km
  • German Landing, 15km
  • White Lake, Madoc area, 13km
  • Maple View, 16km
  • Crowe Bridge, 12km
  • Crookston, 13km
  • Stanwood, 13km
  • Halloway, 15km
  • English Line, 16km
  • Malone, 20km
  • Blairton, 16km
  • Chatterton, 18km
  • Stockdale, 20km
  • Fuller, 15km
  • Healey Falls, 15km
  • Kellers, 16km
  • Moira, 16km
  • Wallbridge, 20km
  • Zion Hill, Foxboro area, 18km
  • Woodland, Havelock area, 16km
  • Phillipston, 17km
  • Blairton Station, 17km
  • Freeman Corners, 18km
  • Preneveau, 18km
  • Hazzards Corners, 23km
  • Connellys, 18km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Rylstone Lake, 9km
  • Jarvis Lake, 15km
  • Banker Lake, 14km
  • Oak Lake, 14km
  • Ross Lake, 13km
  • White Lake, 13km
  • Snake Lake, 14km
  • Crowe Lake, 16km
  • Mud Lake, 14km
  • Moira Lake, 17km
  • Moreland Lake, 15km
  • Seymour Lake, 17km
  • Drag Lake, 18km
  • Eldorado Lake, 24km
  • Hazzard Lake, 24km
  • Belmont Lake, 22km
  • Buttermilk Lake, 27km
  • Twin Sister Lakes, 26km
  • Thompson Lake, 28km
  • Sawlog Lake, 28km
  • Tremur Lake, 31km
  • Gunter Lake, 32km
  • Cordova Lake, 28km
  • Round Lake, 25km
  • Lost Lake, 28km
  • Hermiston Lake, 27km
  • Robinson Lake, 35km
  • Wolf Lake, 35km
  • Mud Turtle Lake, 33km
  • Stoco Lake, 27km
  • Stevenson Lake, 27km
  • Barry Lake, 27km
  • Quinlan Lake, 36km
  • Norham Pond, 31km
  • Connor Lake, 37km
  • Little Whitney Lake, 31km
  • Matson Lake, 37km
  • Hidden Lake, 37km
  • Tamarack Lake, 38km
  • Carson Lake, 37km
  • Harper Lake, 39km
  • Limit Lake, 37km
  • Ameliasburg Mill Pond, 38km
  • Killoran Lake, 30km
  • Beloporine Lake, 30km
  • Lamey Lake, 30km
  • Mann Lake, 40km
  • Big Burnt Lake, 39km
  • Door Lake, 41km
  • Roblin Lake, 39km

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