Dancyn Computers

Phone : (613) 473-0788
Your Host(s) : Cindy and Dan Winterburn

Madoc, ON (Nearby: Eldorado, Tweed, Thomasburg, Springbrook, Roslin)

188 Elgin Street P.O. Box 715
Madoc, Ontario
K0K 2K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

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Description From Owner:
  • DANCYN Computers strives to meet your performance computing needs with name brand upgradeable components. Professionally assembled and rigorously tested to ensure a flawless computing experience.
  • Delivery and setup (local area only) for a small additional fee.
  • Call for a system quote. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • Custom Computer Sales, Parts & Upgrades. Authorized: AMD BenQ
  • Sales, Service & SatisfactionNew Systems, Repairs, Upgrades & Parts At DANCYN Computers we strive to exceed your expectations of what computing can do for your family and your business by:1. Only using quality components from brand name manufacturers such as Gigabyte, AMD & Seagate2. Paying strict attention to assembly detail; and3. Backing our products with a hassle-free warranty.We carry out repairs for all makes and are Lenovo, Acer, BenQ, Samsung, LG, Intel & AMD resellers. We have such confidence in our own product that all premium and business PCs are guaranteed to be trouble free for years of service and are backed by a complete 2 year parts and labour warranty.All this and local service from a Microsoft Partner assures all our customers they are receiving the correct software and hardware to meet their needs.All Legal - All the Time!On-site business networking and Internet Service Provider setup as well as delivery and setup of PC systems (local area only) for a small additional fee.We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and evenings and Saturdays by appointment only.Interac

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Dancyn Computers, Phone : (613) 473-0788

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Mike on 08-Jun-10
I have dealt with Dancyn computers a few times now and they have treated very well. Very friendly and great service. The price was really reasonable when I recently had a new hard drive installed when my old one died, they cleaned my computer up really nice while installing the new HD and did the labor and some updates for very little charge. Highly recommended going to them instead of Futureshop, Best Buy, etc.

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