Wain's Garden Centre (Cindergirls)

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Your Host(s) : Dorne Wilson

Brighton, ON (Nearby: Wooler, Codrington, Colborne, Carrying Place, Astra)

  • Visit Us Year-Round. An Acre of Greenhouses awaits
  • Wain's Garden Centre
  • Open to the public year-round. Please see Photo Albums for more photos of each season.
  • Beautiful Easter Hydrangea - See our Easter Photo Album for more pictures
  • Easter lilies and hydrangea. See Easter Photo Album for more.
  • Endless arrangements available for sun or shade. Grown for our local climate. See Spring Photo Album for more.
  • Spring! Family business works hard to deliver the best quality and the best prices. See the Spring Photo Album for more pictures.
  • Owner Gary Wain showing off some of our hanging baskets. See Spring Photo Album for more.
  • Owner Paul Wain showing off his son and our hanging baskets. See Spring Photo Album for more.
  • Fall is time for colourful hardy garden mums. See Fall Photo Album for more.
  • Owner Gary Wain showing off a beautiful red poinsettia. See Christmas Photo Album for more.
  • Owner Paul Wain showing off a beautiful red poinsettia. See Christmas Photo Album for more.

214 Ontario Street,
Brighton, Ontario
K0K 1H0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

educational program for school tours Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible rides, play areas, mazes, animals, puppets, festivals, live entertainment, etc. school tours, birthdays, reunions, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

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Tour Group Person Limit: 80

Driving Directions:
  • From the 401 exit 509 at Brighton and drive 5 km south to Brighton. Turn right or west at the first traffic lights and drive 0.5 km to Ontario Street. Wain's Greenhouses is located at 214 Ontario St. on the way to Presqu'ile Provincial Park.

Business Hours:
  • Seasonal hours. May through June 7 days a week. 8 am through 8 pm. Off season call for hours.

Description From Owner:
  • Full service garden centre open year round.
  • Easter: Selection of Easter lilies and colourful Hydrangeas.
  • Spring: Vast selection of annuals, perennials, geraniums, various sizes of hanging baskets, trees and shrubs and much, much more.
  • Christmas: an array of colourful Poinsettias and Cyclamen.
  • Fall: Hardy garden mums and bulbs
  • 4th generation growers.

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  • Easter Colour
  • Colourful Hydragnea for Easter
  • Martha Washington Geraniums
  • Pink Hydrangea

  • Hardy Pansies
  • Marigolds
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Front Retail Area
  • Front Retail Area
  • Back Growing Area
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Mixed Assortment
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Back Growing Area - Annuals
  • Back Growing Area - Annuals
  • Back Growing Area - Hanging Baskets and Annuals

  • Hardy Fall Garden Mums
  • Hardy Fall Garden Mums
  • Hardy Fall Garden Mums
  • Hardy Fall Garden Mums
  • Hardy Fall Garden Mums
  • Hardy Fall Garden Mums
  • Hardy Fall Garden Mums

  • Natural Wreaths
  • Cycleman
  • Cycleman
  • Co-Owner Gary Wain
  • Co-Owner Paul Wain
  • Poinsettia
  • Poinsettia
  • Poinsettia
  • Poinsettias
  • Christmas Wintergreen Basket
  • Christmas Wintergreen Basket
  • Christmas Wintergreen Basket

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