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 Alban, ON (Nearby: Pickerel, Noelville, Monetville, St Charles, Britt)


664 Highway 64
Alban, Ontario
P0M 1A0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 857-2487

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 340. In Bigwood and Delamere Ts., Sudbury Dist., on Hwy 64, 4 km E of Hwy 69, 69 Ian SE of Sudbury.
  • The first known settler was Edouard Daoust, who arrived in 1910.
  • Alban was established as a farming community, but its proximity to Eighteen Mile Bay, part of the French R. system, has made it a popular fishing and tourist area whose summer population swells to over 3,000.
  • A Roman Catholic parish was organized in the community in 1934 under Father Alban Filiatrault, after whom the village was named.
  • A church, which replaced the first house of worship, was destroyed by ftre and with it were lost all records of the early residents. The post office was established in 1937.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Rutter, 3km
  • Jamot, 4km
  • Bigwood, 8km
  • French River, Hwy 69, s. of Sudbury, 10km
  • Ouellette, 8km
  • Bon Air, 11km
  • Delamere, 10km
  • Wanikewin, 13km
  • Servos, 14km
  • Pickerel River, 14km
  • Key Junction, 15km
  • Hartley Bay, 13km
  • Pickerel, 16km
  • Paget, 17km
  • Cranberry, 22km
  • Porlock, 18km
  • Pakesley, 23km
  • Key River, 24km
  • Ludgate, 24km
  • Key Harbour, 25km
  • Chartrand Corner, 19km
  • West Arm, 23km
  • Shanty Bay, French River area, 20km
  • Bekanon, 29km
  • Burwash, 23km
  • Estaire, 26km
  • Still River, 31km
  • McVitties, 26km
  • Mowat, 29km
  • Waterfall, 28km
  • French River, on Georgian Bay, 26km
  • Secord, 29km
  • Casimir, 31km
  • Britt Station, 35km
  • North Monetville, 26km
  • St. Charles, 33km
  • Sucker Creek Landing, 27km
  • St. Cloud, 35km
  • Wanup, 34km
  • Wolseley Bay, 28km
  • Lost Channel, French River area, 33km
  • Dill Siding, 39km
  • Dunnet's Corner, 37km
  • Callum, 46km
  • Wahnapitae, 44km
  • Stinson, 46km
  • Drocourt, 43km
  • Austin, 46km
  • Romford, 46km
  • McFarlane Lake, 44km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Mears Lake, 1km
  • Courchesne's Lake, 2km
  • Lower Sturgeon Lake, 3km
  • Lac Brochet, 4km
  • Upper Sturgeon Lake, 5km
  • Little Rae Lake, 6km
  • Lac Pomerleau, 5km
  • Big Rae Lake, 6km
  • Bouchard Lake, 5km
  • Elbow Lake, 7km
  • Daoust Lake, 5km
  • Ham Lake, 8km
  • Emma Lake, 7km
  • Ada Lake, 7km
  • East Bouchard Lake, 8km
  • Lac Clair, 8km
  • Beaver Lakes, 8km
  • Lost Lake, 10km
  • Lac Barbotte, 9km
  • Hilltop Lake, 9km
  • Ruth Lake, 10km
  • Crooked Lake, 10km
  • Ruby Lake, 10km
  • Dodd Lake, 12km
  • Trout Lake, 13km
  • Round Lake, 12km
  • Threebass Lake, 14km
  • Ink Lake, 12km
  • Badger Lake, 11km
  • Trestle Gully Lake, 13km
  • Nisbet Lake, 16km
  • Bayswater Lake, 11km
  • Edith Lake, 15km
  • La Casse Lake, 11km
  • Ted Lake, 12km
  • Redgun Lakes, 12km
  • Threeway Lake, 16km
  • Punch Bowl Lake, 16km
  • Judge Lake, 17km
  • Offtrail Lake, 17km
  • Commodore Lake, 13km
  • Bucke Lake, 17km
  • Lac Faux-Pas, 17km
  • Sixbass Lake, 17km
  • Allen Lake, 13km
  • Rock Lake, 17km
  • Lac LaChapelle, 17km
  • Naraka Lake, 17km
  • Tower Lake, 17km
  • Carrie Lake, 18km

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