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 Town of Cochrane (Single Tier Cochrane)     
 Cochrane, ON (Nearby: Frederickhouse, Hunta, Driftwood, Tunis, Porquis Junction)


146 6 Ave.,
Cochrane, Ontario
P0L 1C0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 272-5234
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Cochrane

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 4,357. In GlacIaneyer T., Cochrane Dist., on L. Commando and Hwys 11 & 652, 83 km. N of Timmins.
  • The First Nations Peoples name for the site was Little Lake Camping Grounds. In 1908 it was named Cochrane for Frank Cochrane, Ontario's minister of lands and forests in the early 1900s.
  • The town was almost wiped out by forest fires in 1910, 1911, and 1916. Cochrane is the southern terminus of the Polar Bear Express excursion train to Moosonee, 300 Ian N on the Moose R. estuary at James Bay.
  • The 49th Parallel crosses Hwy 11 about 6 km. S of Cochrane. (The line of latitude that forms the southern boundary of Canada's western provinces was the subject of bitter dispute between Canada and the United States during the first half of the 19th C.
  • Another plaque marks Niven's Meridian, which crosses Hwy 11 about 3 km. W of Cochrane.
  • In 1896 the Ontario government set Alexander Niven the task of surveying a baseline from the CPR tracks due N to the Moose R. Two years later, Niven completed laying an astronomically straight line through 480 km of forests, lakes, swamps, and muskeg.

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Natural Resources Canada in the District of Cochrane.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Clute, 2km
  • Genier, 3km
  • Larocque, 5km
  • Eastford, 9km
  • Blount, Cochrane area, 10km
  • Frederick, 12km
  • Gardiner, 15km
  • Buskegau, 13km
  • Nahma, 19km
  • Downard, 23km
  • Berylvale, 24km
  • Florida, Cochrane area, 18km
  • Abitibi, 21km
  • Wurtele, 26km
  • Dunning, 22km
  • Brower, 24km
  • Maher, 32km
  • Potter, 37km
  • Norembega, 33km
  • Tunis, 41km
  • Arpin, 37km
  • Devonshire, 43km
  • McInnis, 45km
  • Stimson, 38km
  • Nellie Lake, 49km
  • Pullen, 36km
  • Stimson Diamond, 40km
  • Island Falls, 50km
  • Wings, 52km
  • Welsh, Iroquois Falls area, 55km
  • Porquis Junction, 56km
  • Montrock, 53km
  • Onagon, 54km
  • Fielding, 60km
  • Lower Sturgeon, 51km
  • Kilburn, 58km
  • Ansonville, 54km
  • Alexo, 59km
  • McIntosh Springs, Iroquois Falls area, 61km
  • Smooth Rock, 42km
  • Barbers Bay, 63km
  • Kelso, Iroquois Falls area, 60km
  • Jacksonboro, 44km
  • Dugwal, 66km
  • Keyson, 69km
  • Hoyle, 69km
  • Night Hawk Centre, 70km
  • Hill's Landing, 71km
  • Twin Falls, 59km
  • Pamour, 73km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Jinks Lake, 4km
  • Chartrand Lake, 5km
  • Genier Lake, 4km
  • Lillabelle Lake, 8km
  • Bentley Lake, 9km
  • Blount Lake, 10km
  • Abams Lake, 9km
  • Dora Lake, 7km
  • Lauzon Lake, 8km
  • Bluegoose Lake, 9km
  • Silver Queen Lake, 9km
  • King Lake, 11km
  • Wallie Lake, 11km
  • Spring Lake, 12km
  • Jack Lake, 10km
  • Louise Lake, 12km
  • Florence Lake, 11km
  • Parker Lake, 12km
  • Brooks Lake, 13km
  • Commando Lake, 13km
  • Zuck Lake, 13km
  • Margaret Lake, 12km
  • Norman Lake, 14km
  • Cree Lake, 11km
  • Hector Lake, 14km
  • Moffat Lakes, 15km
  • Gardiner Lake, 15km
  • Gowan Lake, 15km
  • Ahern Lake, 13km
  • Slaughterhouse Lake, 15km
  • Algonquin Lake, 15km
  • Prior Lake, 11km
  • Nault Lake, 16km
  • Bondy Lake, 16km
  • Clute Lake, 15km
  • Little Connon Lake, 12km
  • Little Menard Lake, 17km
  • Menard Lake, 17km
  • Connon Lake, 12km
  • Wolfe Lake, 12km
  • Shier Lake, 12km
  • Dunn Lake, 17km
  • Woodland Lake, 14km
  • Lac Rancourt, 15km
  • Lower Deception Lake, 13km
  • Dunkel Lake, 13km
  • Forsythe Lake, 14km
  • Jowett Lake, 13km
  • Lee Lake, 15km
  • Steele Lake, 13km

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