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 Trout Creek, ON (Nearby: Commanda, Restoule, Nipissing, Golden Valley, South River)


151 Main St. W.,
Trout Creek, Ontario
P0H 2L0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 723-5261
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Trout Creek

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 60. In Pringle and Gurd Ts., Dist. of Parry Sound on the Commanda R. and Hwy 522, 40 km. S of North Bay. The community, surveyed in 1882, was named for a First Nations Peoples chief.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Farleys Corners, 6km
  • Carr, 8km
  • Rye, 10km
  • Hotham, 10km
  • Alsace, 10km
  • Bear Valley, 9km
  • Restoule, 12km
  • Bummers' Roost, 15km
  • Wattenwyle, 16km
  • Christian Valley, 16km
  • Chapman's Landing, 18km
  • Storie, 15km
  • Wade's Landing, 19km
  • Bray Lake, 16km
  • Eagle Lake, 20km
  • Pearceley, 27km
  • Maecks Subdivision, 21km
  • Strong, 26km
  • Deans, 20km
  • Nipissing Beach, 28km
  • Powassan, 24km
  • Port Carmen, 33km
  • Stirling Falls, 32km
  • Cecebe, 34km
  • Chikopi, 34km
  • Rockwynn, 35km
  • Lake Bernard, 32km
  • Cedar Croft, 35km
  • Spring Creek, 26km
  • Ahmic Lake, 37km
  • Kennedys, 34km
  • Hills Siding, 31km
  • Champlain Park, North Bay area, 36km
  • Port Anson, 39km
  • Hartfell, 32km
  • Midlothian, 39km
  • Sunset Park, 38km
  • Carss, 37km
  • Keystone Camps, 34km
  • Berriedale, 36km
  • Marshall Park, 38km
  • Booth, 34km
  • Maple Island, 35km
  • Tweedsmuir, 39km
  • Ferris, 39km
  • Pevensey, 35km
  • Nipissing Junction, 38km
  • Derland, 36km
  • Spence, 42km
  • Alderdale, 31km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Stewart Lake, 3km
  • Tilles Lake, 5km
  • Holly Pond, 8km
  • Mandeville Lake, 6km
  • Barton Lake, 10km
  • McQuaby Lake, 10km
  • Gerber Lake, 10km
  • Ruth Lake, 9km
  • Wolfe Lake, 10km
  • Commanda Lake, 10km
  • King Lake, 10km
  • North Boundary Lake, 11km
  • Round Lake, 11km
  • Brown's Lake, 13km
  • Slush Lake, 11km
  • Lower Wiggins Lake, 13km
  • Tough Lake, 12km
  • Duncan Lake, 14km
  • Patterford Lake, 14km
  • Beaver Lake, 14km
  • Reserve Lake, 14km
  • Mud Lake, 15km
  • Little Partridge Lake, 15km
  • Schell Lake, 11km
  • Upper Wiggins Lake, 15km
  • Harry May Lake, 12km
  • Bray Lake, 11km
  • Pine Lake, 11km
  • Deer Lake, 16km
  • L Lake, 13km
  • Sandy's Lake, 16km
  • Busch Lake, 12km
  • Maeck Lake, 15km
  • Pickerel Lake, 14km
  • May Lake, 14km
  • Solwell Lakes, 12km
  • Long Lake, 17km
  • Mud Lake, 17km
  • Ibbitson Lake, 15km
  • Duck Lake, 16km
  • Stickland Lake, 15km
  • Secord Lake, 17km
  • Driver Lake, 12km
  • Hammond Lake, 15km
  • Eagle Lake, 15km
  • Upper Merrick Lake, 13km
  • Lower Merrick Lake, 13km
  • Baldy Lake, 18km
  • Spring Lake, 17km
  • Perch Lake, 18km

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