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 Dalkeith, ON (Nearby: Ste Anne De Prescott, Vankleek Hill, Glen Robertson, St Eugene, St-Eugène)


21944 Laggan Glenelg Rd.,
Dalkeith, Ontario
K0B 1E0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ottawa and Countryside

Phone : (613) 874-2434
Your Host(s) : Dalkeith General Store

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 69. In Lochiel T., Glengarry C., on C. Rds. 23 & 24, 20 kID SE of Hawkesbury. The place was named in 1867 after the title of the eldest son of the Duke of Buccleuch.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Breadalbane, 3km
  • Brodie, VanKleek Hill area, 3km
  • Glen Sandfield, 6km
  • Glen Andrew, 5km
  • Lorne, Vankleek Hill area, 7km
  • Golden Hill, 7km
  • Barb, 8km
  • Lochiel, 9km
  • Kirkhill, 8km
  • Stardale, 10km
  • Lochinvar, 7km
  • Ste-Anne-de-Prescott, 8km
  • Happy Hollow, 10km
  • McCormick, 11km
  • Vankleek Hill, 10km
  • Aberdeen, Vankleek Hill area , 9km
  • Pine Grove, Vankleek Hill area, 9km
  • Vankleek Hill Station, 11km
  • St-Eugène, 10km
  • Pleasant Corners, 13km
  • St. Davids, Vankleek Hill area, 12km
  • La Renouche, 13km
  • Green Lane, 15km
  • Fassifern, 13km
  • Guaytown, 14km
  • Laggan, 12km
  • Glen Norman, 17km
  • McAlpine, 14km
  • Henrys Corner, 16km
  • McCrimmon, 13km
  • Dalhousie Mills, 16km
  • Sandy Hill, 18km
  • Caledonia Front, 16km
  • Cassburn, 18km
  • Glen Nevis, 20km
  • Dornie, 18km
  • Proulx, 15km
  • Fiskes Corners, 17km
  • Bridge End, 22km
  • Pine Hill, Cornwall area, 24km
  • Routhier, 17km
  • Pointe-Fortune, 20km
  • Brown House Corner, 25km
  • Glenroy, 24km
  • St-Bernardin, 18km
  • Skye, 18km
  • St. Raphaels, 26km
  • Greenfield, Casselman area, 22km
  • L'Ange-Gardien, 22km
  • North Lancaster, 26km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Mill Pond, 16km
  • Mud Lake, 15km
  • Lac Dollard-des-Ormeaux, 17km
  • Middle Lake, 20km
  • Black Lake, 17km
  • Loch Garry, 24km
  • Lake St. Francis, 40km
  • Lac Georges, 36km
  • Lake St. Lawrence, 61km
  • Lac Deschenes, 64km
  • Sand Pits Lake, 85km
  • McKay Lake, 86km
  • Brewer Park Pond, 87km
  • Dows Lake, 88km
  • Mud Lake, 96km
  • Lissons Lake, 111km
  • Mud Pond, 107km
  • Cranberry Lake, 121km
  • Constance Lake, 110km
  • Buells Creek Reservoir, 128km
  • Casey Lake, 113km
  • Atkins Lake, 126km
  • Lambs Pond, 130km
  • North Mud Lake, 121km
  • Mud Lake, 132km
  • Lees Pond, 136km
  • South Mud Lake, 125km
  • Centre Lake, 137km
  • Irish Lake, 133km
  • Temperance Lake, 140km
  • Graham Lake, 141km
  • Mud Lake, 139km
  • Lake Eloida, 139km
  • Bacchus Mud Lake, 133km
  • Wiltse Lake, 143km
  • Dunbar Lake, 139km
  • Bellamys Lake, 140km
  • Lower Rideau Lake, 137km
  • Mississippi Lake, 133km
  • Otter Lake, 142km
  • Mud Lake, 151km
  • Bass Lake, 141km
  • Basin Lake, 152km
  • Bowley Lake, 135km
  • Charleston Lake, 152km
  • Green Lake, 151km
  • Upper Beverley Lake, 150km
  • Canton Lake, 145km
  • Bass Lake, 152km
  • Haley Lake, 140km

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