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 Deux Rivieres     
 Mattawa, ON (Nearby: Deux Rivieres, Bissett Creek, Stonecliffe, Mackey, Rolphton)


311 Main
Mattawa, Ontario
P0H 1V0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 744-2301
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Mattawa

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 30. In Renfrew C. on the Ottawa R. and Hwy 17, 34 km. E of Mattawa.
  • The place was named in 1866 and takes its name from its location across the Ottawa R. from the confluence of the Riviere Maganasipi that flows south from Quebec.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Aylen, 6km
  • Hodgson, 10km
  • Klock, 16km
  • Acanthus, 26km
  • Radiant, 30km
  • Odenback, 30km
  • Adelard, 21km
  • Brent, 29km
  • Rankin, Mattawa area, 23km
  • Government Park, 30km
  • Lake Traverse, 38km
  • Stonecliffe, 31km
  • Stuart, 41km
  • Daventry, 36km
  • Brawny, 46km
  • Morel, 39km
  • Mink Lake, Algonquin Park area, 43km
  • Wilson's Landing, 42km
  • Hydro, 50km
  • Ascalon, 45km
  • Smith's Landing, 44km
  • Rolphton, 46km
  • Eau Claire, 46km
  • Moor Lake, 48km
  • Kiosk, 49km
  • Coristine, 50km
  • Eau Claire Station, 49km
  • Achray, 59km
  • Meilleurs Bay, 51km
  • Bass Lake, 55km
  • Basin Depot, 70km
  • Great Desert, 57km
  • Blanchard's Landing, 57km
  • Point Alexander, 58km
  • Bellwood, Whitney area, 83km
  • Rutherglen, 58km
  • Airy, 84km
  • Whitney, 85km
  • Algonquin Park, 81km
  • Kilrush, 61km
  • Kathmore, 69km
  • Wylie, 62km
  • L'Amable, 86km
  • Aylen Lake, 80km
  • Opeongo, 82km
  • Murchison, 86km
  • Canoe Lake, 82km
  • Mountain View, Chalk River area, 66km
  • Aylen Lake Station, 85km
  • Squirrel Depot, 71km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Greenbough Lake, 6km
  • Clara Lake, 5km
  • Deermeadow Lake, 10km
  • Redpine Lake, 9km
  • Paddy Lake, 10km
  • Gibson Lake, 8km
  • Rit Lake, 10km
  • Claradeer Lake, 12km
  • Linear Lake, 9km
  • Big Gibson Lake, 9km
  • Waterloo Lake, 11km
  • Windigo Lake, 13km
  • Rattail Lake, 11km
  • Dingley Lake, 13km
  • Tower Lake, 13km
  • Nadon Lake, 13km
  • Gardiner Lake, 11km
  • Township Line Lake, 10km
  • Barbut Lake, 10km
  • Mart Lake, 11km
  • Carpenter Lake, 11km
  • Mums Lake, 13km
  • Snow Lake, 15km
  • Span Lake, 13km
  • Allan Lake, 17km
  • Owlet Lake, 16km
  • Jackson Lake, 15km
  • Big Shingle Lake, 13km
  • Aumond Lake, 13km
  • Houghton Lake, 14km
  • Corbeau Lake, 17km
  • Shingle Lake, 14km
  • Crystalline Lake, 14km
  • Deposit Lake, 13km
  • Harvey's Shanty Lake, 14km
  • Morin Lake, 13km
  • Big Poplar Lake, 14km
  • Little Marten Lake, 15km
  • Bissett Lake, 19km
  • Mud Lake, 16km
  • North Depot Lake, 20km
  • Valiant Lake, 15km
  • Quartz Lake, 16km
  • Weasel Lake, 21km
  • Whittla Lake, 18km
  • Mullin Lake, 17km
  • Little Wabimimi Lake, 21km
  • North River Lake, 20km
  • Wabimimi Lake, 21km
  • Merganser Lake, 20km

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