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 Dog's Ass     
 Killarney, ON (Nearby: Wikwemikong, Nairn Centre, Birch Island, Whitefish, Worthington)


32 Commissioner
Killarney, Ontario
P0M 2A0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 287-2424
Your Host(s) : Killarney Clerk's Office

Description From Owner:

  • On Collins Inlet off Georgian Bay of Lake Huron S of Killarney Provincial Park, 9 km. E of Killamey.
  • The name is known by some mariners but has not been approved by the Ontario Geographic Names Board, despite having been included for years in the annual list of names to be approved by the Minister of Natural Resources of Ontario.
  • It is included here because it has provoked interest and glee whenever I have mentioned it in media interviews promoting earlier editions of Ontario Place Names.
  • . In the 'dog genre,' Ontario also has the following place names for rivers, lakes, creeks and places, though none appears on the Official Road Map of Ontario:
  • Dogpatch, Dogfish, Dogfly, Dogfoot, Doggie, Doghead, Doghole, Doghome, Dogleg, Dogpaw, Dogsnest, Dogskin, Dogtooth, and Dogtown.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Collins Inlet, 15km
  • Beaverstone Bay, 18km
  • McGregor Bay, 22km
  • Wabozominissing, 28km
  • Dinner Point Depot, 27km
  • Willisville, 30km
  • Whitefish Falls, 29km
  • Beaver Lake, Espanola area, 39km
  • Lawson Quarry, 30km
  • Wikwemikong, 33km
  • Fox Lake, 33km
  • Walden, 43km
  • Whitefish, 43km
  • Carson, 33km
  • West River, 33km
  • Worthington, 44km
  • Maiangowi Settlement, 36km
  • Anderson Lake Station, 36km
  • Turbine, 43km
  • Victoria Mine, 45km
  • Wikwemikonsing, 38km
  • Drury, 44km
  • Anderson Lake, 37km
  • High Falls, Espanola area, 45km
  • Kaboni, 40km
  • Lorne, Espanola area, 41km
  • Crean Hill, 48km
  • Buzwah, 41km
  • Two O'Clock, 41km
  • Traverse Landing, 52km
  • Moxam's Landing, 48km
  • French River, on Georgian Bay, 38km
  • Mikkola, 52km
  • Creighton, Sudbury area, 54km
  • Clover Valley, Manitoulin Island area, 45km
  • East Creighton, 55km
  • Turner, Little Current area, 40km
  • Northern Heights, 58km
  • Sheguiandah, 43km
  • Vanzant's Landing, 46km
  • Eads Bush, 43km
  • Milate, 59km
  • Rheault, 55km
  • Webbwood, 49km
  • Hilly Grove, 51km
  • Phelans, 65km
  • Robinson Subdivision, 59km
  • Burwash, 50km
  • Lee Valley, 49km
  • Squirrel Town, 52km

Nearby Lakes:
  • A.Y. Jackson Lake, 3km
  • Little Sheguiandah Lake, 4km
  • George Lake, 4km
  • Wagon Road Lake, 4km
  • Freeland Lake, 5km
  • Lumsden Lake, 5km
  • Teardrop Lake, 6km
  • Sealey's Lake, 6km
  • O.S.A. Lake, 7km
  • Acid Lake, 6km
  • Muriel Lake, 7km
  • de Lamorandiere Lake, 7km
  • Killarney Lake, 9km
  • Solomon Lake, 7km
  • Roque Lake, 7km
  • Cave Lake, 8km
  • Artist Lake, 9km
  • Kakakise Lake, 9km
  • Burke Lake, 8km
  • Little Superior Lake, 10km
  • Lighthouse Lake, 8km
  • Pearl Lake, 9km
  • Proulx Lake, 10km
  • Sugarbush Lake, 8km
  • Quartzite Lake, 11km
  • Shingwak Lake, 11km
  • Topaz Lake, 10km
  • Bizhiw Lake, 10km
  • Norway Lake, 12km
  • Patten Lake, 13km
  • York Lake, 14km
  • Terry Lake, 11km
  • Partridge Lake, 12km
  • Threenarrows Lake, 14km
  • Carlyle Lake, 11km
  • Spark Lake, 11km
  • The Three Lakes, 10km
  • Whiskeyjack Lake, 13km
  • Hemlock Lake, 13km
  • Sandy Lake, 14km
  • Amikogaming Lake, 13km
  • Crater Lakes, 12km
  • Green Lake, 13km
  • Bunnyrabbit Lake, 14km
  • Mill Lake, 12km
  • Little Mountain Lake, 17km
  • Shigaug Lake, 17km
  • Boundary Lake, 16km
  • Bodina Lake, 15km
  • Moose Lake, 17km

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