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 Alban, ON (Nearby: Loring, Port Loring, Arnstein, Lavigne, Garden Village)


Hwy 69 S RR # 2,
Alban, Ontario
P0M 1A0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 857-2115
Your Host(s) : French River Trading Post

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 153. In Parry Sound Dist. on the E end of Okikendawt I. at the mouth of the French R. where it becomes French River Main Channel, at the W end of Nipissing, , 4.1 km. E of Noelville.
  • The place is named after the Dokis family which settled here in 1910.
  • An ancestor of the family, Chief Nigisi of the Algonquin Nation, signed the Robinson Treaty in 1850.
  • His pronunciation of the Algonquin name for 'ducks' resulted in the family surname

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Off the beaten track:
  • Dokis, 0km
  • Lunge Lodge, 3km
  • The Depot, 16km
  • Keystone Camps, 15km
  • Spring Creek, 19km
  • Port Loring, 24km
  • Wolseley Bay, 19km
  • Notre Dame du Lac, 24km
  • Caderette, 28km
  • Sturgeon Falls, 27km
  • Millerand, 27km
  • Fleming's Landing, 28km
  • North Monetville, 22km
  • Evansville, 30km
  • Sucker Creek Landing, 24km
  • Verner, 32km
  • Indian Reserve, 31km
  • Restoule, 26km
  • Harfred, 34km
  • Kirk, Sturgeon Falls area, 36km
  • Chartrand Corner, 27km
  • Bear Valley, 30km
  • Shanty Bay, French River area, 28km
  • Meadowside, 34km
  • Lost Channel, French River area, 35km
  • Carr, 31km
  • Ashburton, 43km
  • Farleys Corners, 33km
  • Kipling, 43km
  • Dunnet's Corner, 37km
  • Wahwashkesh, 46km
  • Warren, 41km
  • West Arm, 34km
  • Hotham, 34km
  • D├ęsaulniers, 47km
  • Beaucage, 38km
  • Casimir, 37km
  • Hugel, 45km
  • Whitestone, 50km
  • St. Charles, 40km
  • Burton, Magnetawan area, 49km
  • Maple Island, 50km
  • Bolger, 51km
  • Bolger Bridge, 51km
  • South Magnetawan, 50km
  • River Valley, Sturgeon Falls area, 52km
  • Drocourt, 47km
  • Rye, 44km
  • Alsace, 39km
  • Chapman's Landing, 38km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Limbo Lost Lake, 5km
  • Spruce Lake, 6km
  • Number Four Lake, 8km
  • Woodcock Lake, 9km
  • Redpine Lake, 9km
  • Bruce Lake, 7km
  • Dishaw Lake, 7km
  • Number Three Lake, 8km
  • Number Two Lake, 9km
  • Ethier Lake, 8km
  • Obashking Lake, 10km
  • Number One Lake, 9km
  • Little Perch Lake, 8km
  • Jinx Lake, 8km
  • Memesagamesing Lake, 12km
  • Playfair Lake, 12km
  • Portage Lake, 11km
  • Lennon Lake, 11km
  • Circle Lake, 16km
  • Rabbit Lake, 12km
  • Boodis Lake, 17km
  • Satchels Lake, 12km
  • Wolf Lake, 18km
  • Smallpox Lake, 13km
  • Levesque Lake, 19km
  • Porcupine Lake, 14km
  • Pine Lake, 19km
  • Little Etta Lake, 19km
  • Etta Lake, 19km
  • Stony Lake, 16km
  • Little Wolf Lake, 18km
  • Kilty Lake, 16km
  • MacDonald Lake, 17km
  • Swan Lake, 20km
  • Burnt Lake, 20km
  • Broadwell Lake, 18km
  • Simms Lake, 21km
  • Loon Lake, 21km
  • Little Clear Lake, 15km
  • Sturdies Lake, 22km
  • Round Lake, 21km
  • Stinking Lake, 16km
  • Marshall Lake, 16km
  • Big Caribou Lake, 22km
  • BoyleCrooked Lake, 17km
  • Weiler Lake, 21km
  • Kaiser Lake, 21km
  • Sweet Lake, 23km
  • George's Lake, 21km
  • Bain Lake, 23km

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