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 Moonbeam, ON (Nearby: Strickland, Smooth Rock Falls, Kapuskasing, Val Rita, Driftwood)


4 Albert St.
Moonbeam, Ontario
P0L 1V0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 367-2230
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Moonbeam

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 548. In Shackleton T., Cochrane Dist., on Groundhog R. and Hwy 11,96 km. NW of Cochrane.
  • First known as Alexandra. The post office opened in 1910 as Fauquier, to honour two brothers who built a section of the Canadian Transcontinental Railway (now the CNR). The name has sometimes been misspelled Fanquier or Farquier.

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Natural Resources Canada in the District of Cochrane.

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Off the beaten track:
  • GrĂ©goires Mill, 5km
  • Strickland, 11km
  • Departure Lake, 16km
  • Kitigan, 22km
  • Jacksonboro, 28km
  • Val Albert, 30km
  • Smooth Rock, 30km
  • Brunetville, 31km
  • Eastview, Kapuskasing area, 31km
  • Northfield, Kapuskasing area, 32km
  • Glenwood, Kapuskasing area, 32km
  • River Heights, 33km
  • West Riverside, 32km
  • Pullen, 35km
  • Val Rita, 41km
  • Lepage, 46km
  • Brownrigg, 56km
  • Fraserdale, 67km
  • Island Falls, 56km
  • Little Long Rapids, 79km
  • Lower Sturgeon, 67km
  • McInnis, 56km
  • Abitibi Canyon, 72km
  • Smoky Falls, 85km
  • Relay, 83km
  • Kamiskotia, 85km
  • Foxville, 87km
  • Buskegau, 64km
  • Maher, 65km
  • Frederick, 67km
  • Eastford, 67km
  • Clute, 70km
  • Otter Rapids, 102km
  • Wurtele, 71km
  • Coral, 105km
  • Gardiner, 72km
  • Blount, Cochrane area, 73km
  • Larocque, 74km
  • Genier, 74km
  • Lowther, Hearst area, 78km
  • Melrose Gardens, 103km
  • Mountjoy, 104km
  • Berylvale, 84km
  • Reesor Siding, 82km
  • Shawmere, 114km
  • Nahma, 83km
  • Schumacher, 106km
  • Wawaitin Falls, 114km
  • Gold Centre, 107km
  • Downard, 86km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Watersnake Lake, 5km
  • Cloutier Lake, 6km
  • Lac Batiste, 6km
  • Waterloo Lake, 7km
  • Muskrat Lake, 9km
  • Shackleton Lake, 7km
  • Goudreau Lake, 7km
  • Lac Orignal, 8km
  • Lac Brochet, 10km
  • Marten Lake, 8km
  • Waterlily Lake, 10km
  • Little Audrey Lake, 15km
  • Bonner Lake, 12km
  • Bremner Lake, 14km
  • Beavertail Lake, 15km
  • Balsam Lake, 14km
  • Audrey Lake, 17km
  • Foss Lake, 18km
  • Cantin Lake, 12km
  • South Tower Lake, 12km
  • Potvin Lake, 13km
  • Tower Lake, 13km
  • Kluck Lake, 12km
  • Lac Charette, 12km
  • Carmichael Lake, 17km
  • Spruce Lake, 18km
  • Meilleur Lake, 13km
  • Aurel Lake, 13km
  • Remi Lake, 17km
  • West Audrey Lake, 19km
  • Terrien Lake, 15km
  • D'Amour Lake, 15km
  • Moonbeam Lake, 15km
  • Poplar Lake, 18km
  • Nansen Lake, 16km
  • Clear Lake, 16km
  • Crawfish Lake, 21km
  • Departure Lake, 18km
  • Ouellet Lake, 17km
  • Peron Lake, 19km
  • Robin Lake, 20km
  • Foot Lake, 19km
  • Sydere Lake, 22km
  • Macvicar Lake, 23km
  • Alex Lake, 23km
  • D'Armour Lake, 25km
  • Leblanc Lake, 27km
  • Newfeld Lake, 26km
  • Maxwell Lake, 30km
  • Lily Lake, 24km

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