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 Hanmer, ON (Nearby: Capreol, Val Therese, Val Caron, Blezard Valley, Garson)


5085 Highway 69 N # 7484,
Hanmer, Ontario
P3P 1P7

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 969-4484
Your Host(s) : Sears Canada Inc.

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 4,944. Part of the Town of Valley East, Reg. Mun. of Sudbury, on C. Rd. 80; 11 km NE of Sudbury.
  • The first settlers were French-Canadian farmers, who arrived in the spring of 1898.
  • Jacob Proulx, Henry Beaulieu, Napoleon Labelle, and Joseph Chartrand had between them two horses and one cow, but they persevered and eked out a living from the land.
  • The community slowly grew, and in 1903 the post office was established as Hanmer after early settler Gilbert Hanmer, a farmer from Brant C.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Suez, 3km
  • Parkwood, 3km
  • Elmview, 4km
  • Val Therese, 5km
  • Pinecrest, Sudbury area, 5km
  • Valley East, 5km
  • Carol Richard Park, 6km
  • Val Caron, 7km
  • Laurentien, Sudbury area, 8km
  • McCrea Heights, 9km
  • Guilletville, 9km
  • Flake, 8km
  • Sand Pit, 13km
  • Garson Junction, 14km
  • New Sudbury, 14km
  • Bailey Corners, 10km
  • Nickeldale, 15km
  • Don Lita, 15km
  • Barrydowne, 15km
  • Frood Mine, 15km
  • Algo, 16km
  • Cambrian Heights, 16km
  • Flour Mill, 17km
  • Minnow Lake, 17km
  • Boninville, 13km
  • Nickel Centre, 15km
  • The Donovan, 17km
  • Brodie, Sudbury area, 18km
  • Adamsdale, 18km
  • Little Britain, 18km
  • Sprecher, 17km
  • Boland's Bay, 14km
  • Milnet, 20km
  • Romford, 19km
  • Murray Mine, 18km
  • Carr's Landing, 14km
  • Bell Grove, 20km
  • Clara Belle, 19km
  • Skead, 14km
  • Austin, 19km
  • Gatchell, 20km
  • Creosote, 21km
  • Simard, 16km
  • Cryderman Subdivision, 15km
  • Lockerby, Sudbury area, 22km
  • Lo-Ellen, 22km
  • Robinson Subdivision, 22km
  • Belanger, 18km
  • Sellwood, 23km
  • McFarlane Lake, 24km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Suez Pit, 3km
  • Onwatin Lake, 4km
  • Greens Lake, 4km
  • Moose Lake, 5km
  • Garson Lake, 6km
  • Marshy Lake, 7km
  • Hanmer Lake, 7km
  • Whitson Lake, 8km
  • Bass Lake, 8km
  • Mud Lake, 8km
  • Long Lake, 8km
  • Frenchman Lake, 8km
  • McCrea Lake, 9km
  • Rockcut Lake, 10km
  • Moose Lake, 9km
  • Ella Lake, 8km
  • Lac St. Jean, 7km
  • Barnett Lake, 10km
  • Little Moose Lake, 10km
  • Bronson Lake, 11km
  • Farm Lake, 11km
  • Joe Lake, 11km
  • Eatlots Lake, 11km
  • Tank Lake, 11km
  • Pigeon Lake, 10km
  • Wallin Lake, 12km
  • Waddell Lake, 11km
  • Amy Lake, 10km
  • Twin Lakes, 13km
  • Capre Lake, 10km
  • Blue Lake, 9km
  • Little Amy Lake, 11km
  • Selwyn Lake, 13km
  • Hagarty Lake, 10km
  • Frost Lake, 11km
  • Headquarters Lake, 12km
  • Wisner Lake, 14km
  • Windy Lake, 11km
  • Minnow Lake, 12km
  • Horseshoe Lake, 12km
  • Skynner Lake, 13km
  • Grassy Lake, 15km
  • Moose Lake, 11km
  • Drill Lake, 11km
  • Blueberry Lake, 14km
  • Towerman's Lake, 13km
  • Cache Lake, 17km
  • East Bass Lake, 15km
  • Boucher Lake, 14km
  • Minnow Lake, 17km

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