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 Kenogami Lake     
 Kirkland Lake, ON (Nearby: Swastika, Sesekinika, Chaput Hughes, Tarzwell, King Kirkland)


15 Government Rd. E.
Kirkland Lake, Ontario
P2N 1A1

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 567-3333
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Kirkland Lake

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 220. In Eby and Grenfell Ts., Timiskaming Dist., on the SE shore of Kenogami L. and Hwys 11 & 66, 11 km. SW of Kirkland Lake.
  • The post office was established in 1912 and took the name of the lake, a First Nations Peoples word meaning 'long water.'
  • On Hwy 11 about 14 Ian NW of Kenogami L., a provincial plaque marks the height of land, or watershed, which figured prominently in several boundary disputes during the 19th century.
  • . The line wends an erratic course of 2,240 km across Ontario.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Kenogami Lake, 0km
  • Kenogami Lake Station, 3km
  • Goldthorpe, 4km
  • Swastika, 7km
  • Shaniko, 8km
  • Sesekinika, 11km
  • Woollings Spur, 14km
  • Dane, 13km
  • Rosegrove Beach, 15km
  • Bourkes, 21km
  • Tarzwell, 17km
  • Rosegrove, 17km
  • Glenvale, Englehart area, 26km
  • Hough Lake, 23km
  • King Kirkland Station, 19km
  • Wavell, 29km
  • Boston Creek, 22km
  • Zeta, 32km
  • Mindoka, 24km
  • South Mindoka, 26km
  • Mount MacDonald, 36km
  • Northlands Park, 25km
  • Charlton, 35km
  • Krugerdorf, 30km
  • Ramore, 38km
  • Wawbewawa, 33km
  • Dobie, 28km
  • Chamberlain, 35km
  • Hill's Lake, 42km
  • Wilson, New Liskeard area, 46km
  • Errettsville, 39km
  • Brentha, 41km
  • Vimy Ridge, 46km
  • Diamond Lake, 33km
  • Leeville, 49km
  • Marter, 38km
  • Mountain Lake, 50km
  • Mountain Chutes, 51km
  • Osseo, 52km
  • Heaslip, 44km
  • Wendigo Lake, 41km
  • Cane, 54km
  • Tomstown, 47km
  • Beaver Lake, Kirkland Lake area, 41km
  • McCool, 56km
  • Watabeag, 58km
  • Anthony, 57km
  • Whitewood Grove, 55km
  • Marshall's Corners, 51km
  • Virginiatown, 46km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Kenogami Lake, 3km
  • Perron Lake, 6km
  • Hotchkin Lake, 5km
  • Vigrass Lake, 5km
  • Grenfell Lake, 7km
  • Gale Lake, 8km
  • Graves Lake, 8km
  • Armer Lake, 9km
  • Lois Lake, 8km
  • Elsie Lake, 7km
  • Wewegimok Lake, 10km
  • Mooseridge Lake, 9km
  • Sesekinika Lake, 10km
  • Otto Lake, 7km
  • Kapakita Lake, 12km
  • Winnie Lake, 11km
  • Bompas Lake, 8km
  • Olson Lake, 14km
  • Sucker Lake, 13km
  • Wendtwright Lake, 14km
  • Highspot Lake, 15km
  • Bourzk Lake, 13km
  • Nausikaa Lake, 13km
  • Amikougami Lake, 13km
  • Goose Egg Lake, 16km
  • Dunbar Lake, 15km
  • Lower Kirkland Lake, 12km
  • Berube Lake, 14km
  • Splashwater Lake, 15km
  • Kirkland Lake, 12km
  • Lillord Lake, 14km
  • Webash Lake, 16km
  • Feldman Lake, 16km
  • Swan Lake, 16km
  • Lower Twin Lake, 17km
  • Little Sarsfield Lake, 13km
  • Upper Twin Lake, 17km
  • Wolf Lake, 18km
  • Young Lake, 14km
  • Greylava Lake, 14km
  • Lavallie Lake, 16km
  • Burt Lake, 13km
  • Ellis Lake, 15km
  • Bostebel Lake, 13km
  • Gould Lake, 15km
  • Round Lake, 15km
  • Little Cameron Lake, 17km
  • Lancaster Lake, 17km
  • Bernhardt Lake, 18km
  • Seely Lake, 18km

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