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 Maitland, ON (Nearby: Brockville, Prescott, North Augusta, Lyn, Elizabethtown, Brockville)


12 George
Maitland, Ontario
K0E 1P0

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Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Phone : (613) 348-3280
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Maitland

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 465. In Augusta T., Leeds and Grenville Cs., on the St. Lawrence R. and C. Rds. 2 & 15, 8 km. NE of Brockville.
  • At Pointe au Barril (or Baril) on the outskirts of Maitland, a plaque marks the former site of a shipyard were the last ships to defend the river for France were built.
  • The six-acre (2.4 ha) shIpyard, budt by the French shortly after the British captured Fort Frontenac in 1758, was surrounded by a 12-foot-high (3.65 m) wall of upended logs.
  • In 1759 the last two French warships, the lroquoise and the Outaouaise, were launched. The frrst civilian community was founded by Ziba Phillips in 1818 and named Oswegatchie.
  • The place was also known as Johnstown and Lower Selma. When the post office was established in 1828, it was named Maitland after Sir Peregrine Maitland, lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada 1818-1828.
  • One of the oldest churches in the Anglican Diocese ofOntarlo is the Gothic Revival-style St. James' started in 1826 and consecrated in 1830.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Stones Corners, 4km
  • South Augusta, 4km
  • Bethel, Brockville area, 5km
  • Blue Church, 7km
  • Rows Corners, 6km
  • Bisseltown, 8km
  • Lords Mills, 9km
  • Algonquin, 9km
  • Sheridan Park, Brockville area, 8km
  • Maynard, 10km
  • Flanders Heights, 8km
  • Windsor Heights, 8km
  • Fairfield East, 9km
  • Riverview Heights, 10km
  • Loyalist Park, 9km
  • Golf Side Gardens, 10km
  • Glenmore, 12km
  • Charleville, 13km
  • Fairfield, 10km
  • Sparkle City, 13km
  • Perrins Corners, 14km
  • Manhard, 11km
  • Herrons Corners, 13km
  • Fernbank, Brockville area, 12km
  • Domville, 15km
  • Wexford, Prescott area, 13km
  • Tincap, 11km
  • Hillcrest, Brockville area, 13km
  • McLeanville, 17km
  • Throoptown, 17km
  • Spring Valley, Brockville area, 13km
  • Woodridge, Brockville area, 15km
  • Roebuck, 19km
  • Hallecks, 15km
  • Johnstown, Prescott area, 17km
  • New Dublin, 15km
  • Bellamys, 16km
  • Crystal Rock, 20km
  • South Branch, 21km
  • Seeley, 16km
  • Butternut Bay, 18km
  • Garretton, 22km
  • McRoberts Corner, 23km
  • Glen Smail, 22km
  • Sherwood Springs, 19km
  • Spencerville, 24km
  • Lillies, 18km
  • Jellyby, 19km
  • The Island, 25km
  • Glen Buell, 18km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Buells Creek Reservoir, 9km
  • Lambs Pond, 15km
  • Lees Pond, 17km
  • Mud Lake, 19km
  • Centre Lake, 19km
  • Atkins Lake, 23km
  • Cranberry Lake, 25km
  • Temperance Lake, 22km
  • Graham Lake, 22km
  • Lissons Lake, 30km
  • Mud Lake, 26km
  • Wiltse Lake, 27km
  • Lake Eloida, 28km
  • Irish Lake, 30km
  • Mud Lake, 32km
  • Basin Lake, 32km
  • Charleston Lake, 34km
  • Bellamys Lake, 34km
  • Dunbar Lake, 35km
  • Green Lake, 35km
  • Lake of the Isles, 43km
  • Killenbeck Lake, 38km
  • Bass Lake, 37km
  • Higley Lake, 38km
  • Upper Beverley Lake, 37km
  • Red Horse Lake, 38km
  • Little Long Lake, 38km
  • Long Lake, 40km
  • Mud Lake, 40km
  • Bacchus Mud Lake, 43km
  • Lyndhurst Lake, 41km
  • South Mud Lake, 48km
  • Singleton Lake, 42km
  • Lower Beverley Lake, 42km
  • Otter Lake, 44km
  • Mud Lake, 43km
  • Lime Lake, 45km
  • North Mud Lake, 53km
  • Lower Rideau Lake, 47km
  • Grippen Lake, 45km
  • Bass Lake, 47km
  • Little Lake, 46km
  • Gananoque Lake, 48km
  • Howard Lake, 49km
  • Canton Lake, 48km
  • Mill Pond, 48km
  • Big Rideau Lake, 50km
  • Deans Pond, 49km
  • Long Island Lake, 50km
  • Lost Lake, 50km

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