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 Matachewan, ON (Nearby: Gowganda, Elk Lake, Sesekinika, Swastika, Ramore)


7 Moyneur Avenue,
Matachewan, Ontario
P0K 1M0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 565-2240
Your Host(s) : Camp Matachewan & Marg's Log Cabin Rest.

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 453. In Cairo T., Timiskaming Dist. on a tributary of the Montreal R., 2 km. from its confluence and Hwys 66 and 566, 56 km. SW of Kirkland Lake.
  • First called Dokis Trading Post, the post office was established as Matachewan in 1935. The derivative Ojibwa word matadjiwan means ''the current (of the river) is heard.'

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Off the beaten track:
  • O'Brien, Gowganda area, 30km
  • Wilson, New Liskeard area, 39km
  • Tyranite, 42km
  • Kenogami Lake, 38km
  • Sesekinika, 42km
  • Woollings Spur, 43km
  • Glenvale, Englehart area, 37km
  • Kenogami Lake Station, 41km
  • Mountain Lake, 45km
  • Goldthorpe, 42km
  • Zeta, 40km
  • Mount MacDonald, 43km
  • Bourkes, 50km
  • Leeville, 48km
  • Mountain Chutes, 49km
  • Swastika, 45km
  • Shaniko, 46km
  • Ramore, 60km
  • Wavell, 56km
  • Shillington, 67km
  • Anthony, 67km
  • Hough Lake, 45km
  • Vimy Ridge, 65km
  • Rosegrove Beach, 47km
  • Dane, 48km
  • Tarzwell, 48km
  • Watabeag, 70km
  • Osseo, 54km
  • Hill's Lake, 51km
  • Charlton, 50km
  • Cane, 56km
  • Rosegrove, 50km
  • Night Hawk Centre, 71km
  • Val Gagné, 75km
  • Boston Creek, 54km
  • Hill's Landing, 73km
  • Shining Tree, 62km
  • Barbers Bay, 78km
  • Mindoka, 54km
  • King Kirkland Station, 57km
  • Hoyle, 75km
  • Keyson, 75km
  • Dugwal, 76km
  • South Mindoka, 55km
  • McIntosh Springs, Iroquois Falls area, 80km
  • Pamour, 73km
  • Kelso, Iroquois Falls area, 82km
  • Fielding, 81km
  • Alexo, 82km
  • Chamberlain, 56km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Hollinger Lake, 1km
  • Knott Lake, 2km
  • Otisse Lake, 2km
  • Webb Lake, 3km
  • Lower Matachewan Lake, 5km
  • Little Hawley Lake, 4km
  • Moyneur Lake, 4km
  • Fox Lake, 4km
  • Ryan Lake, 5km
  • Hawley Lake, 6km
  • Mudpack Lake, 5km
  • Davidson Lake, 5km
  • Log Lake, 6km
  • Whiskeyjack Lake, 7km
  • Narrow Lake, 8km
  • Sisseney Lake, 8km
  • Cameroon Lake, 7km
  • St. Paul Lake, 6km
  • Mistinikon Lake, 7km
  • McDonnel Lake, 9km
  • Browning Lake, 9km
  • Steve Lake, 11km
  • Morrison Lake, 8km
  • Weldy Lake, 11km
  • Matachewan Lake, 11km
  • McNaughton Lake, 12km
  • Baptiste Lake, 12km
  • Clearwater Lake, 13km
  • Orphan Lake, 12km
  • Wolferstan Lake, 12km
  • Fred Lake, 9km
  • Edgar Lake, 9km
  • Island Lake, 14km
  • Swampy Lake, 14km
  • Hildreth Lake, 13km
  • Turtle Lake, 14km
  • Sydney Lake, 13km
  • Yarrow Lake, 10km
  • Portage Lake, 15km
  • Robb Lake, 14km
  • Bastian Lake, 14km
  • Zigzag Lake, 13km
  • Blake Lake, 10km
  • Sanderson Lake, 15km
  • Markle Lake, 10km
  • Lavigne Lake, 16km
  • Georgina Lake, 16km
  • Tommy Lake, 16km
  • Pardich Lake, 14km
  • Hunt Lake, 16km

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