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 Espanola, ON (Nearby: Mckerrow, Webbwood, Nairn Centre, Birch Island, Worthington)


133 Barber St
Espanola, Ontario
P5E 1S4

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 869-3004
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Espanola

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 269. In Baldwin T., Algoma Dist., on Hwy 17, 2 kIn E of its junction with Hwy 6, 69 km. SW of Sudbury.
  • A post office was established as Espanola Station in 1908. In 1932 the name was changed to McKerrow to honour I. O. (Jack) McKerrow, traffic manager of Abitibi Pulp and Paper Company.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Anderson Lake, 6km
  • Lorne, Espanola area, 5km
  • Anderson Lake Station, 7km
  • Fox Lake, 13km
  • Carson, 14km
  • Webbwood, 10km
  • West River, 16km
  • Willisville, 17km
  • Lawson Quarry, 18km
  • Whitefish Falls, 19km
  • Lee Valley, 17km
  • High Falls, Espanola area, 18km
  • McGregor Bay, 24km
  • Turbine, 21km
  • Beaver Lake, Espanola area, 21km
  • Drury, 22km
  • Dinner Point Depot, 33km
  • Worthington, 26km
  • Turner, Little Current area, 36km
  • Traverse Landing, 30km
  • Fort La Cloche, 31km
  • Walden, 30km
  • Sagamok, 31km
  • Victoria Mine, 31km
  • Eads Bush, 41km
  • Sheguiandah, 45km
  • Wabozominissing, 47km
  • Crean Hill, 35km
  • Windy Lake, 43km
  • Whitefish, 36km
  • McBean Harbour, 37km
  • Walford Station, 37km
  • Wikwemikong, 53km
  • Phelans, 44km
  • Walford, 38km
  • Onaping Falls, 46km
  • Green Bay, 51km
  • Geneva, 54km
  • Benny, 56km
  • Maiangowi Settlement, 57km
  • Stralak, 58km
  • Honora, 51km
  • Buzwah, 59km
  • Bidwell, 57km
  • Larchwood, 48km
  • Bass Creek, 57km
  • Vanzant's Landing, 60km
  • Two O'Clock, 61km
  • Cold Springs, Manitoulin Island area, 54km
  • Northern Heights, 46km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Clear Lake, 5km
  • Anderson Lake, 7km
  • Tulloch Lake, 6km
  • Tempest Lake, 8km
  • Apsey Lake, 8km
  • Agnew Lake, 8km
  • Wood Lake, 8km
  • Spring Lake, 8km
  • Lake of the Mountains, 8km
  • Loon Lake, 9km
  • Brazil Lake, 8km
  • Hunter Lake, 10km
  • Rock Lake, 8km
  • Young's Lake, 8km
  • Cleveland Lake, 10km
  • Little Hunter Lake, 11km
  • Bass Lake, 12km
  • North Silver Lake, 11km
  • Tenho Lake, 8km
  • Raven Lake, 12km
  • Stratton Lake, 11km
  • O'Brien Lake, 13km
  • Fox Lake, 14km
  • Hardwood Lake, 13km
  • Pleasant Lake, 11km
  • East Fox Lake, 14km
  • Sutherland Lake, 14km
  • Elizabeth Lake, 11km
  • Big Swan Lake, 14km
  • St. Leonard Lake, 11km
  • Little Swan Lake, 15km
  • Kusti Lake, 10km
  • Pomfrey Lake, 10km
  • Marsh Lake, 15km
  • Nameless Lake, 11km
  • Fish Lake, 11km
  • House Lake, 16km
  • Cameron Lake, 11km
  • Lang Lake, 15km
  • Grab Lake, 17km
  • Mong Lake, 13km
  • Bass Pond, 15km
  • Horseshoe Lake, 17km
  • Cross Lake, 16km
  • Shiner Pond, 17km
  • Charlton Lake, 17km
  • Hammond Lake, 12km
  • Porter Lake, 17km
  • Maville Lake, 12km
  • Augusta Lake, 13km

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