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 City of North Bay (Single Tier Nipissing)     
 North Bay, ON (Nearby: Hornell Heights, Callander, Corbeil, Redbridge, Astorville)


101 Worthington
North Bay, Ontario
P1B 1X3

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 474-8360
Your Host(s) : Canada Post North Bay

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 55,204. In Nipissing Dist. at the NE end of L. Nipissing and Hwys 11, 17, & 63, 125 km E of Sudbury.
  • The city's site is on the old Nipissing passageway, part of the northern route travelled by fur traders. Etienne Brule visited in 1610 and Samuel de Champlain in 1615, and trading posts were established.
  • Permanent settlement didn't start until the CPR arrived in 1882 and then it carried on with a vengeance; within 43 years North Bay was incorporated as a city.
  • Early settler John Ferguson is credited with unwittingly giving the place its name when he ordered building materials from Pembroke and asked that they be shipped to him at the north bay (ofL. Nipissing).
  • North Bay calls itself'Gateway to the North.'

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Natural Resources Canada in Nipissing District.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Gateway, 2km
  • Eastview, North Bay area, 2km
  • Thibeault Terrace, 3km
  • Pinewood, North Bay area, 2km
  • Ferris, 3km
  • Graniteville, 3km
  • Tweedsmuir, 4km
  • Wallace Heights, 3km
  • Fricker, 4km
  • Sage, 3km
  • Marshall Park, 4km
  • Sunset Park, 5km
  • Birch Haven, 4km
  • Trout Mills, 5km
  • Champlain Park, North Bay area, 8km
  • Nipissing Junction, 7km
  • Cooks Mills, North Bay area, 10km
  • Thorncliff, North Bay area, 8km
  • Yellek, 10km
  • Nipissing Beach, 14km
  • Derland, 13km
  • Feronia, 12km
  • Camp Champlain, 13km
  • Mulock, North Bay area, 17km
  • Booth, 17km
  • Beaucage, 16km
  • Wade's Landing, 22km
  • Redbridge, 17km
  • Hills Siding, 22km
  • Chapman's Landing, 24km
  • Christian Valley, 27km
  • Powassan, 27km
  • Grahamvale, 25km
  • Tomiko, 28km
  • Nosbonsing, 21km
  • Storie, 30km
  • Balsam Creek, 23km
  • Songis, 22km
  • Alderdale, 28km
  • Alsace, 32km
  • Meadowside, 23km
  • Booth Landing, 27km
  • Hotham, 32km
  • Jocko, 35km
  • Ellsmere Village, 32km
  • Tilden Lake, 34km
  • Trout Creek, 37km
  • Chiswick, 31km
  • Carr, 37km
  • Indian Reserve, 28km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Delaney Lake, 2km
  • Jennings Lake, 3km
  • Circle Lake, 3km
  • Twin Lakes, 3km
  • Depensiers Lake, 3km
  • Pasmore Lake, 4km
  • McLean Lake, 4km
  • Camelot Lake, 4km
  • Hillside Lake, 8km
  • Four Mile Lake, 9km
  • McFarlane Lake, 9km
  • Dreany Lake, 8km
  • McInnis Lake, 9km
  • Caribou Lake, 13km
  • Trout Lake, 10km
  • Frair Lake, 15km
  • Moyer Lake, 16km
  • O'Kane Lake, 17km
  • Otter Lake, 15km
  • Duchesnay Lake, 19km
  • Upper Pinewater Lake, 19km
  • Doule Lake, 14km
  • Widdifield Lake, 17km
  • Two Mile Lake, 19km
  • Little Mulock Lake, 18km
  • Pinewater Lake, 22km
  • Redbridge Lake, 18km
  • Booth Lake, 19km
  • Long Lake, 16km
  • Blyth Lake, 22km
  • Sturgeon Lake, 26km
  • Duck Lake, 25km
  • Secord Lake, 25km
  • Little Tomiko Lake, 27km
  • First Lake, 24km
  • Little Anderson Lake, 26km
  • Long Lake, 25km
  • Bassy Lake, 25km
  • Anderson Lake, 26km
  • Second Lake, 25km
  • Ferguson Lake, 28km
  • Loren Lake, 19km
  • Perch Lake, 25km
  • Third Lake, 25km
  • Valin Lake, 25km
  • Halfmile Lake, 28km
  • Beaver Lake, 28km
  • Mink Lake, 23km
  • Perchfin Lake, 29km
  • Baldy Lake, 26km

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