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 Shallow Lake     
 Shallow Lake, ON (Nearby: Hepworth, Allenford, Wiarton, Tara, Owen Sound)


481 Princess St.,
Shallow Lake, Ontario
N0H 2K0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Phone : (519) 935-3500
Your Host(s) : D & D Restaurant & Convenience

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 457. In Keppel T., Grey C., on Hwy 6 and C. Rd. 170, 15 km. NW of Owen Sound. The first settlers were a Mr. and Mrs. Butterworth, and John Spencer, Mrs. Butterworth's son from a former marriage.
  • The family arrived in 1862 and built a log cabin and barn.
  • The post office was established in 1891, named after nearby Shallow L. In 1884 R. J. Doyle opened a cement works, using marl from the bed of Shallow L. Marl is a chalky deposit high in calcium carbonate.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Shallow Lake, Owen Sound area, 0km
  • Cruickshank, 4km
  • Park Head, 5km
  • Shouldice, 6km
  • Jackson, 8km
  • Clavering, 8km
  • Alvanley, 9km
  • Copperkettle, 7km
  • Zion, Owen Sound area, 11km
  • Benallen, 9km
  • Springmount, 10km
  • Brooke, Owen Sound area, 10km
  • Lindenwood, 11km
  • Skipness, 10km
  • Kilsyth, 13km
  • Tolmie, 10km
  • Wolseley, 13km
  • Wiarton, 14km
  • Balmy Beach, 11km
  • Squire, 14km
  • Oxenden, 16km
  • Tara, 16km
  • East Linton, 12km
  • Tara Siding, 17km
  • Invermay, 17km
  • Lake Charles, 17km
  • Keady, 18km
  • Colpoy's Bay, 19km
  • Hogg, 15km
  • Arranvale, 19km
  • Inglis Falls, 16km
  • Sauble Falls, 15km
  • Sauble Beach, 15km
  • Sauble Beach North, 15km
  • Sauble Beach South, 15km
  • Rockford, Owen Sound area, 17km
  • Grimston, 22km
  • Keward, 21km
  • Arkwright, 21km
  • Bothwell's Corner, 17km
  • Scotch Settlement, Port Elgin area, 18km
  • Purple Valley, Bruce Peninsula area, 24km
  • Big Bay, 22km
  • Marmion, 25km
  • Mount Hope, 25km
  • McIver, 28km
  • Hemstock Mills, 25km
  • Adamsville, 28km
  • Hoath Head, 22km
  • Little Port Elgin, 30km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Shallow Lake, 1km
  • McNab Lake, 3km
  • Shepherd Lake, 5km
  • Town Line Lake, 7km
  • Mud Lake, 6km
  • Francis Lake, 8km
  • Mountain Lake, 10km
  • Gould Lake, 9km
  • Manchester Lake, 11km
  • Scale Lake, 13km
  • Bass Lake, 13km
  • Maryville Lake, 11km
  • Mary Lake, 15km
  • Chesley Lake, 13km
  • Gowan Lake, 16km
  • Lake Charles, 17km
  • Gleason Lake, 18km
  • Carson Lake, 14km
  • Silver Lake, 14km
  • Boat Lake, 16km
  • Lucky Lake, 19km
  • Little Mud Lake, 20km
  • Slough of Despond, 20km
  • Big Mud Lake, 21km
  • Spry Lake, 19km
  • Berford Lake, 23km
  • Arran Lake, 20km
  • Isaac Lake, 21km
  • Patterson Lake, 21km
  • Hodgins Lake, 22km
  • North Hodgins Lake, 22km
  • Mud Lake, 24km
  • Sheppard Lake, 20km
  • Sky Lake, 25km
  • Marshall's Lake, 22km
  • Young's Lake, 24km
  • Brotske Lake, 28km
  • Beattie Lake, 28km
  • Stewart Lakes, 29km
  • McGill Lake, 25km
  • Minkes Lake, 30km
  • McCullough Lake, 32km
  • Williams Lake, 31km
  • Harrison Lake, 35km
  • Anderson Lake, 35km
  • Mountain Lake, 37km
  • North Louise Lake, 39km
  • Negro Lakes, 36km
  • Little Lake, 40km
  • Louise Lake, 40km

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