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 Temagami, ON (Nearby: Bear Island, Keewaywin, Marten River, Latchford, Cobalt)


6718a 11 Hwy N,
Temagami, Ontario
P0H 2H0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 569-3444
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Temagami

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 1,000. In Strathy T., Dist. ofTemagami, on the NE arm of L. Temagami and Hwy 11,92 km NW of North Bay.
  • In 1834 the Hudson's Bay Company opened a small trading post on nearby Bear I. The site was first known as Sandy Inlet.
  • A community grew on the lakeshore, and when a post office opened, it was named Temagami after the 86-square-mi. (225 sq. km) lake of the same name.
  • Temagami is a First Nations Peoples word meaning 'deep water.' Immediately south of Temagami in tiny Finlayson Point Provincial Park, a plaque honours Grey Owl, a conservationist, author, and lecturer who was also an unrepentant imposter.
  • He claimed to have been born in Mexico of an Apache mother, but it is believed he was born in England in 1888, son of George Belaney, a Scot.
  • He emigrated to the Temagami and Biscotasing area in 1906 and became a trapper, guide, and forest ranger.
  • He adopted First Nations Peoples ways and in 1925 married an Iroquois woman. He became well known through his writing and as a lecturer who used his woods lore for the cause of wildlife conservation.

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Off the beaten track:
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  • Wabun Camp, 8km
  • Wabi-Kon, 11km
  • Kakeena Camp, 9km
  • Camp Bigwee, 11km
  • Camp Cayuga, 11km
  • Camp Chimo, 15km
  • Camp Wanapitei, 16km
  • Camp Cochrane, 16km
  • Camp Wigwasati, 16km
  • Temagami North, 17km
  • Owaissa, 19km
  • Camp White Bear, 22km
  • Doherty, 18km
  • Rib Lake, 26km
  • Freeman, Temagami area, 29km
  • Johnson, Temagami area, 31km
  • Redwater, 29km
  • Lorrain, 40km
  • Gillies Depot, 41km
  • Gillies, 42km
  • Mowat Landing, 49km
  • Coleman, Cobalt area, 45km
  • Bushnell, 39km
  • Kerr Lake, 45km
  • Button's Corners, 50km
  • Azen, 49km
  • O'Brien, New Liskeard area, 48km
  • River Valley, Sturgeon Falls area, 52km
  • Silver Centre, 40km
  • D├ęsaulniers, 54km
  • Glen Afton, 49km
  • Ashburton, 57km
  • Lorrain Valley, 44km
  • Bigelow, 45km
  • Otter, North Bay area, 47km
  • Paradis Bay, 48km
  • Hillview, New Liskeard area, 58km
  • Maidens, 44km
  • Tilden Lake, 55km
  • Ellsmere Village, 56km
  • Diver, 50km
  • Chudleigh, 53km
  • Kipling, 62km
  • Highland, 64km
  • Dymond, 61km
  • Osborne, North Bay area, 52km
  • Uno Park, 64km
  • Milberta, 66km

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  • Red Squirrel Lake, 15km

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