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 Val Rita     
 Val Rita, ON (Nearby: Kapuskasing, Harty, Opasatika, Moonbeam, Strickland)


2 De L'eglise Ave.,
Val Rita, Ontario
P0L 2G0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 335-6640
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Val Rita

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 476. In Owens T., Cochrane Dist., on Hwy 11, 14 km. NW of Kapuskasing. The post office was established as Secord in 1923. In 1925 the name was changed to Val Rita for St. Rita, patron saint of St. Rita parish.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Lepage, 5km
  • West Riverside, 8km
  • River Heights, 8km
  • Northfield, Kapuskasing area, 9km
  • Glenwood, Kapuskasing area, 9km
  • Eastview, Kapuskasing area, 9km
  • Brunetville, 10km
  • Val Albert, 11km
  • Kitigan, 19km
  • Lowther, Hearst area, 37km
  • Reesor Siding, 41km
  • Reesor, 44km
  • Grégoires Mill, 46km
  • Parthia, 50km
  • Little Long Rapids, 67km
  • Strickland, 52km
  • Smoky Falls, 73km
  • Departure Lake, 56km
  • Shallow Lake, Hearst area, 58km
  • Fryatt, 60km
  • Val Côté, 66km
  • Jacksonboro, 68km
  • Smooth Rock, 70km
  • Glenomo, 71km
  • Elsas, 106km
  • Fraserdale, 80km
  • Pullen, 76km
  • Oatland, 110km
  • Agate, 107km
  • Brownrigg, 78km
  • Dunrankin, 105km
  • Abitibi Canyon, 85km
  • Missonga, 118km
  • Relay, 90km
  • Foxville, 93km
  • Shawmere, 123km
  • Bradlo, 82km
  • St. Pie X, 85km
  • Coral, 106km
  • Otter Rapids, 104km
  • Lac-Ste-Thérèse, 89km
  • Island Falls, 85km
  • Peterbell, 111km
  • Wyborn, 88km
  • Hearst Junction, 88km
  • Argolis, 107km
  • McInnis, 88km
  • Marina Veilleux, 93km
  • Lower Sturgeon, 104km
  • Kamiskotia, 116km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Therrien Lake, 2km
  • Biz Lake, 2km
  • Sideburn Lake, 3km
  • Breben Lake, 5km
  • Lac Barroque, 5km
  • Lac des Isles, 5km
  • Teetzel Lake, 6km
  • Echo Lake, 5km
  • Marsh Lake, 6km
  • Todd Lake, 8km
  • Lac McCready, 8km
  • Sand Lake, 9km
  • Mine Lake, 11km
  • Canna Lake, 17km
  • Bouchard Lake, 15km
  • Francklyn Lake, 20km
  • Solomon Lake, 14km
  • Proulx Lake, 14km
  • Line Lake, 18km
  • Guenette Lake, 14km
  • Perch Lakes, 14km
  • Hennessy Lake, 19km
  • Jacob Lake, 22km
  • Clear Lake, 17km
  • Smith Lake, 15km
  • Lemon Lake, 23km
  • Bear Tooth Lake, 16km
  • Hay Lake, 20km
  • Duck Lake, 18km
  • South Hay Lake, 20km
  • Mac Lake, 20km
  • Owlet Lake, 24km
  • Lac de Midas, 17km
  • Swanson Lake, 20km
  • Grass Lake, 24km
  • Tower Lake, 24km
  • Lily Lake, 18km
  • Kidney Lake, 27km
  • Nixon Lake, 27km
  • East Neely Lake, 24km
  • Mather Lake, 23km
  • Dunne Lake, 28km
  • Socket Lake, 27km
  • Lyons Lake, 22km
  • Niven Lake, 27km
  • McKenzie Lake, 27km
  • Neely Lake, 24km
  • Bay Lake, 23km
  • Ghost Lake, 27km
  • Hull Lake, 19km

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