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 Webbwood, ON (Nearby: Walford Station, Spanish, Massey, Kagawong, Serpent River)


29 Main
Webbwood, Ontario
P0P 2G0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Phone : (705) 869-1131
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Webbwood

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 95. In Sudbury Dist. on Hwy 17, 18 km. W of Massey. In 1889 the first postmaster, A. G. Walford, named the community Walford Station after himself. At a later date the 'Station' was dropped.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Walford, 0km
  • Walford Station, 1km
  • McBean Harbour, 9km
  • Spanish, 9km
  • The Back Settlement, 10km
  • Sagamok, 11km
  • Brennan Harbour, 12km
  • Fort La Cloche, 16km
  • Kenabutch, 19km
  • Lee Valley, 22km
  • Serpent River, 24km
  • Honora, 35km
  • Ice Lake, 36km
  • Pleasant Valley, Manitoulin Island area, 37km
  • Billings, Manitoulin Island area, 40km
  • Bowser's Corner, 40km
  • Cold Springs, Manitoulin Island area, 39km
  • Nordic Townsite, 33km
  • West Bay, 42km
  • Advance, 41km
  • Turner, Little Current area, 35km
  • Eads Bush, 38km
  • Tobacco Lake, 42km
  • Green Bay, 42km
  • Rockville, 44km
  • Spragge, 33km
  • Foxey, 42km
  • Long Bay, 46km
  • Sheguiandah, 42km
  • Perivale, 49km
  • Bass Creek, 48km
  • Old Spring Bay, 51km
  • Gibraltar, Manitoulin Island area, 51km
  • Bidwell, 49km
  • West River, 37km
  • Spring Bay, 53km
  • Carson, 38km
  • Big Lake, 53km
  • Monument Corner, 55km
  • Pronto East, 38km
  • Dryden's Corner, 55km
  • Anderson Lake, 39km
  • Grimsthorpe, 55km
  • Britainville, 54km
  • Poplar, 52km
  • Fox Lake, 39km
  • Lawson Quarry, 40km
  • Whitefish Falls, 40km
  • Willisville, 40km
  • Anderson Lake Station, 40km

Nearby Lakes:
  • Sugar Lake, 3km
  • Toria Lake, 5km
  • Star Lake, 5km
  • Black Bass Lake, 5km
  • Tube Lake, 5km
  • Vance Lake, 7km
  • Island Lake, 6km
  • Nadawe Lake, 7km
  • Larocque Lake, 7km
  • McCormick Lake, 6km
  • Caibaiosai Lake, 6km
  • Hanna Lake, 8km
  • Denvic Lake, 7km
  • Kecil Lake, 8km
  • Mike's Lake, 7km
  • Conway Lake, 10km
  • Paddy Lake, 11km
  • Bean Lake, 12km
  • Mink Lake, 9km
  • Smith Lake, 9km
  • McMinn Lake, 12km
  • Big Trout Lake, 12km
  • Lang Lake, 11km
  • Owl Lake, 11km
  • Little Trout Lake, 13km
  • Stong Lake, 13km
  • Crab Lake, 10km
  • Fryer Lake, 11km
  • Little Serpent Lake, 14km
  • Manido Lake, 12km
  • Gaetano Lake, 16km
  • Horseshoe Lake, 15km
  • Little La Cloche Lake, 13km
  • McKiggan Lake, 16km
  • McGivney Lake, 14km
  • Shoe Lake, 13km
  • Mutcheguis Lake, 17km
  • Kenabigoons Lake, 13km
  • Gabel Lake, 17km
  • La Cloche Lake, 14km
  • Smail Lake, 15km
  • West Lake, 14km
  • Beishlag Lake, 19km
  • Serpent Lake, 14km
  • Renault Lake, 20km
  • Black Lake, 14km
  • Clear Lake, 14km
  • Tweedle Lake, 15km
  • Hone Lake, 18km
  • Shedden Lake, 15km

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