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 Wroxeter, ON (Nearby: Gorrie, Jamestown (Huron), Bluevale, Fordwich, Ethel)


1081 Centre St.,
Wroxeter, Ontario
N0G 2X0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

Phone : (519) 335-3446
Your Host(s) : Sam's General Store

Description From Owner:

  • Pop. 353. In Howick T., Huron C., on the Maitland R. and C. Rds. 12 & 87, 7 km. SE of Wingham.
  • The townsite was part of a large tract of land bought by the Hon. James Patton and two men named Boys and Torre.
  • In 1856 Thomas and Robert Gibson acquired some of that land and the water rights and, with their brother John, built saw- and flour mills on the Maitland R.
  • James Patton's brother, Andrew, built the first frame house in 1858, surveyed the community, and laid out a townsite, naming it after Wroxeter in Shropshire, England.
  • In the same year a post office was established, and Andrew Patton was appointed postmaster. In 1874 a branch of the Toronto, Grey and Bruce Rallway reached the community.
  • Railway construction workers considerably swelled the population, and civic leaders took advantage of the situation to conduct a census.
  • Including the railway workers, and with a canny disregard for village boundaries, the head count reached 750, enabling Wroxeter to incorporate as a village.
  • From Ontario Place Names 2007 David E. Scott Ph. 866 471 4123 or 905 680 7884

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  • McIntosh, Mildmay area, 12km
  • Bluevale Siding, 9km
  • Lakelet, 11km
  • Wingham Junction, 10km
  • Molesworth, 12km
  • Glenannan, 11km
  • Mayne Corners, 12km
  • Ambleside, 16km
  • Ethel Siding, 17km
  • Wingham, 13km
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  • West Monkton, 32km
  • Riversdale, 29km

Nearby Lakes:
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  • Lakelet Lake, 12km
  • Blind Lake, 13km
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  • Metzger Pond, 30km
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  • Louise Lake, 47km
  • North Louise Lake, 48km
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  • McLean Lake, 46km
  • Matthews Lake, 43km
  • Welbeck Mill Pond, 50km
  • McCormick Lake, 48km
  • Wilder Lake, 45km
  • Tobermory Lake, 50km
  • Black Lake, 46km

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