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Campbellford, ON (Nearby: Trent River, Warkworth, Codrington, Havelock, Hastings)

  • Lots of parking & smiles
  • Look for the awnings
  • Variety of new products
  • Tilley Hats
  • Many brands to chose from
  • Organic baking supplies

33 Front Street N.
Campbellford, Ontario
K0L 1L0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

educational program for school tours snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc.

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Tour Group Person Limit: 10

Driving Directions:
  • Across from Stedmans in Campbellford

Business Hours:
  • Mon- Saturday 10 am - 4 pm..., Sat CLOSED

Description From Owner:
  • Huge selection of essential oils.
  • Organic Foods, Dairy Free, Nut Free,Wheat Free,Non GMO,Gluten Free
  • BPA Free wine & Beer glasses for around the pool
  • Fair trade Coffee/ Teas/ Chocolate/ Do-Matcha
  • Aroma Therapy products & Diffuser's
  • Sugar Alternatives: Stevia, Coconut Palm Sugar, Xylitol, Agave Nector,
  • Whey & Vegan protein powders
  • Natural dog/cat Food & Therapy
  • Tilley Hats, vest's, socks, hot weather scarves, travel hand bags
  • Men's beard and wax products
  • Beauty products include natural make-up
  • Pain management products, Essiac for humans & pets
  • Environmently friendly cleaning products
  • June 25-All Natural GF Wraps back in stock!
  • July 3-studying at home, avoid blue light from computers, use Spectrum glasses
  • Aug 11-Tilley 'Unholy Socks'in stock, guaranteed no holes for 3 years!
  • Sep 15-Flu season is around the corner, stock up on vitamins, Oregano, Elderberry

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EURKWOODS Health Products, Phone : (705) 653-5086

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Michelle Aylward on 07-Oct-19
Very personal service and what I mean by that is that you can develop a friendly relationship with the owners and they cater to your every health, beauty whim.

George Henkel on 18-Mar-17
I Have suffered in pain for so many years. After one visit to Eurkwood I was introduced to so many wonderful products that actually helped me. It was a miracle to good to be true. It works. Molly was so helpful in finding me the right product I required to make my life more comfortable. Now I am on the road to recovery. My diet and health are back on track. Thanks to Eurkwood.

margery walton on 29-Jan-16
I went into Eurkwoods store the other day looking for some advice, where I was met with a smile, and recommended natural factors formule StressB, Lorna Vanderhaeghe Adrenesmart to help me fight stress. With my delight, I got home took them, and noticed in a day, I was sleeping and starting to feel better. Thanks to their kind advice and concern for my health. I would certainly recommend dropping in, if only to talk, they full of knowledge and concerned about peoples health.

Barry & Pat on 15-Jun-14
We finally got around to checking out this store. I wish we had visited sooner. Great stock of healthy foods and a very knowledgeable staff. Couldn't stop buying, we will make this store a regular stop.

valerie irvine on 02-Mar-12
What a wonderful addition to Campbellford your store is. I went in for gifts for friends who are diabetic and gluten free and was surprised at the number of options there were! Also bought some Hugos soap products as gifts at a good price. Thank you also for explaining some of the products- great service with a great midmorning coffee! I'll bring in a couple of friends who have a hard time finding gluten free products in town. You have a really good selection, just like in the city.

jan on 15-Feb-12
I just love this store. Molly and her staff are so helpful and knowledgeable, that you can drop in and come out knowing you have exactly what you need. I am not a Celiac, but have found such a variety of interesting items that I frequently shop there for great, healthy products. So glad you have come to Campbellford, and give us that small town attention to service. Thanks Molly for trying so hard to bring in items that we request. You don't get that in the bigger stores!

Michele on 04-Feb-12
It is so nice to find healthy food and vitamin choices right in our town, you need something you just slip in and pick it up. Thanks for coming to our town, Molly Michele

Patricia on 31-Jan-12
Love the dairy free section of products and the Vegan products. Lots of Tofurky - Thank You MOLLY !

Richard on 21-Jan-12
Excellent selection of gluten free and diabetic foods. Also has a good selection of dairy free and some nut free. Lots of organic foods as well. Nice bright clean store. Good reference material available including Alive magazine.

  • Udis Cinnamon Raison Bread GF
  • Udis Bagels (4) GF
  • UdisWhite Sandwich Bread GF
  • CanyonBakehouse 7 Grain Bread
  • Silver Hills Chia Chia Bread GF
  • Udis Whole Grain French Rolls GF

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