Peterborough County Trails ATV Club

Phone : (705) 875-0801
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Your Host(s) : Trevor Pewtner

Havelock, ON (Nearby: Trent River, Norwood, Hastings, Campbellford, Marmora)

P.O. Box 457
Havelock, Ontario
K0L 1Z0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Description From Owner:
  • We represent the interest of riders in Peterborough County
  • We became incorporated as a Non Profit Organization in March 2009.
  • To promote the safe and proper operation of ATVs.
  • To organize social events
  • To be an Active member of the Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance
  • To develop and maintain a trail system within Peterborough County
  • To work with local governments to develop by-laws allowing for operation of ATVs on community roads

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Peterborough County Trails ATV Club, Phone : (705) 875-0801

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amidweekrider Trent Hills, Canada on 06-Nov-20
The PTBO County Trails ATV Club found this quaint little place in Coe Hill quite by accident and we were so happy we did. Considering it is in a small town, the food was the best. Arrived at 11.30AM- 8 of us and ordered a all day breakfast that was just great. By 12.15 the place was full with no tables left empty. Obviously lots of people KNOW this location is both good food and also easy on your wallet. No doubt about it we will be making this one of our stops when we are in the area.

William Kelly on 21-Feb-16
I am interested in your club ,I,ve been atv'n for 15/20 years and own a 2015 canam. I would like to have a copy of the trails for this club, is that possible ? Thank you Bill kELLY

Cole ten Doeschate on 16-Sep-13
The havelock district atv club is amazing! You have so much fun. Talking to people, learning new Trails and just ATVing! I have gone twice on my 250cc Honda and it made it though. I had NO complaints and you get to do so much and do so much. The last run ( poker run) was really nice. Compliments to all at the club and really nice job. Five stars. *****

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Off the beaten track:
  • Trent River, 4km
  • Rush Point, 5km
  • Ashby Mill, 6km
  • Preneveau, 6km
  • Blairton Station, 6km
  • Chase Corners, 7km
  • Round Lake, 10km
  • Woodland, Havelock area, 8km
  • Westview, 10km
  • Connellys, 10km
  • Kellers, 9km
  • Freeman Corners, 9km
  • Healey Falls, 10km
  • Rockdale, Marmora area, 11km
  • Sunnybrae, 12km
  • Blairton, 10km
  • Stanwood, 11km
  • Crowe Bridge, 12km
  • West Corners, 15km
  • Centre Dummer, 12km
  • Cordova Mines, 14km
  • Godolphin, 17km
  • Allan Mills, 13km
  • Oak Lake, Havelock area, 18km
  • Pethericks Corners, 15km
  • South Dummer, 15km
  • Rylstone, 15km
  • Brickley, 21km
  • Vansickle, 21km
  • Cottesloe, 16km
  • Meyersburg, 22km
  • Burnbrae, 19km
  • Percy Boom, 23km
  • Westwood, Hastings area, 19km
  • Clarina, 20km
  • Stonyridge, 21km
  • English Line, 21km
  • Dartford, 24km
  • Kasshabog Lake, 23km
  • Menie, 20km
  • Crowes Landing, 20km
  • Nephton, 23km
  • MacDonald Bay, 25km
  • Birdsalls, 22km
  • Warkworth, 26km
  • Gilchrist Bay, 20km
  • Cameron, 21km
  • Shanick, 23km
  • Marmora Station, 20km
  • Norham, 27km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Round Lake, 7km
  • Beloporine Lake, 7km
  • Belmont Lake, 8km
  • Seymour Lake, 8km
  • Lost Lake, 8km
  • Lost Lake, 14km
  • Barry Lake, 14km
  • Rotten Lake, 11km
  • Little Whitney Lake, 15km
  • Mud Lake, 13km
  • Cordova Lake, 16km
  • South Lake, 16km
  • Crowe Lake, 13km
  • Black Lake, 17km
  • Killoran Lake, 17km
  • Stevenson Lake, 18km
  • Oak Lake, 18km
  • Long Lake, 17km
  • Horse Lake, 18km
  • Lamey Lake, 19km
  • Rylstone Lake, 14km
  • Hermiston Lake, 20km
  • Blind Lake, 20km
  • O'Melia Lake, 20km
  • Sams Lake, 22km
  • Blue Lake, 23km
  • O'Reilly Lake, 22km
  • Twin Sister Lakes, 21km
  • West Twin Lake, 23km
  • McCleary Lake, 23km
  • Kasshabog Lake, 23km
  • Dartford Pond, 24km
  • East Twin Lake, 24km
  • Sawlog Lake, 22km
  • Buttermilk Lake, 22km
  • Bog Lake, 25km
  • Big Mountain Lake, 24km
  • Mud Turtle Lake, 24km
  • White Lake, 20km
  • McGinnis Lake, 23km
  • Thompson Lake, 23km
  • Bottle Lake, 26km
  • Quarry Lake, 19km
  • Duck Pond, 22km
  • Grassy Lake, 26km
  • Sandy Lake, 27km
  • Big Duck Pond, 22km
  • St. Charles Lake, 26km
  • Barrette Lake, 28km
  • Devils Lake, 28km