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Norwood, ON (Nearby: Hastings, Westwood, Trent River, Havelock, Warsaw)

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2365 County Rd. 45, P.O. Box 589
Norwood, Ontario
K0L 2V0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

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Business Hours:
  • Monday to Friday 9am - 4 pm. Saturdays by appointment only.

Description From Owner:
  • Professional Grooming Salon. UPDATE: we are currently under a covid 19 lockdown and are not allowed to open at this time. We are monitoring this closely and as soos as we are able to operate again we will make an announcement.
  • Located in beautiful downtown Norwood. We are committed to treating your pet with care and kindness. Professional full grooming service. Treating Pets Right at the right price
  • Many pet guardians who treat their pet like family, have already come to trust Do’s For Dogs to keep their pet happy and healthy all year round. Feel free to call to book an appt. or drop by so we can meet you and your pet!!
  • We are a stress free grooming salon.
  • Your dog will experience a complete brush out and clipping which also includes nail trimming and ear cleaning. A nice bath involving two shampoos to ensure cleanliness, your dog will experience a kind gentle bath with lots of suds
  • Drying time depends on the dog. We use High velocity dryers as well as hand held to fluff your pet and begin the feel good. They then receive a final brush, comb and clip with scissoring by hand and of course, a treat to end the groom!!
  • I call you as soon as I’m done so your pet does not have to linger all day in anticipation of your return.

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Do's for Dogs, Phone : (705) 639-5752

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Kelli Buckley on 09-Dec-20
Booked an appointment based on a friend's recommendation. My dog is a long haired chihuahua mix. I am beyond thrilled with the results. Prices are very reasonable. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Gail Dignard on 26-Sep-20
I would recommend Allie to anyone. I have an anxious dog and she is wonderful with him.

Janet on 12-May-20
The best groomer ever. Wonderful people and gentle with dogs. Can’t say enough on the way they are with their clients. Definitely 5 star place. Would highly recommend this place to everyone.

Marta Redmond on 05-Dec-19
I would highly recommend Do's for Dogs we take our dogs there when we are on holidays twice a year. They are so friendly and caring with our fur babies. They do a fantastic job :) I only wished that they was a comparable one in my home town.

Jill Cassibo on 26-Apr-18
Allie is absolutely wonderful with dogs you can just see how much she loves each and every dog that comes through the door and so accommodating with schedules. I don't want to take my dog any place else from now on. I am so impressed with her

Marion on 19-Jan-18
Do's for Dog's is a wonderful boutique for dogs. Allie is wonderful lady who always makes time to fit in my 3 Maltese fur babies, and they always come home so beautifully groomed.

Barb on 03-Aug-15
Just wanted to thank Allie for taking great care of my little dogs. They always come home looking handsome as ever!! I an always happy with the services!! Thanks so much for your care.

tina dunn on 02-May-14
I have been having my doges groomed by alice for over two year and I can say that she does a great job with my dogs so thank you alice and ken for your hard work in the grooming im vary happy with your work

Susan Ellis on 10-Oct-13
Alice is just GREAT with my Golden Retriever ' Abby ' Alice does such a great job and is SOOOOOOO Good with the best thing in my life, that I am totally at ease leaving her with Do's for Dogs. I am Very pleased with the way she cuts and trims my Abby that I can't say enough about the treatment she receives. I HIGHLY recommend Alice to anyone wanting their dog, groomed and pampered. Thanks Alice for such a wonderful job that you do.

Jacquie on 26-Mar-13
Do's for Dogs is awesome! Alice is so patient, kind, and loving with my dog. She always tries her very best to accommodate us when we need a good clean up. Her prices are very reasonable and she does a fabulous job. A safe, happy place to leave your pooch. Drop them off and come back to a great looking 'new' dog! Thanks Alice!

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