Shampooch Dog Grooming

Phone : (613) 403-2905
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Your Host(s) : Crystal Tough

Madoc, ON (Nearby: Eldorado, Tweed, Thomasburg, Springbrook, Roslin)

13623 Durham St. S., P.O. Box 902
Madoc, Ontario
K0K 2K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • My name is Crystal Tough. I am the owner and groomer at Shampooch Dog Grooming, in beautiful Madoc, ON. All sizes of dogs are welcome.
  • 'Giving your Best Friend and Fur Baby the Care and Attention deserved'
  • My focus is providing friendly, personalized, professional dog grooming in a comfortable environment. It is important that I am available to answer any questions and you feel comfortable leaving your dog in my care.
  • Dog grooming price and time required is determined by a few different factors. Size Condition of Coat (Matting) Temperment of Dog Age, Physical Limitations
  • To keep your pet looking their best in between appointments, maintain a regular daily brushing schedule. This will make the next dog grooming appointment more comfortable for your dog.
  • Contact Crystal at Shampooch to discuss a dog grooming schedule, that will best suit your individual needs.
  • Full Dog Grooming includes: Brush out Haircut Ears Cleaned Nails Trimmed and Filed Bath and Dry Finish Cut Bandana Full Grooming starting at $30.
  • Freshen Up Brush and Bath includes: Full brush out Sanitary clip Ears Cleaned Nails Trimmed and Filed Bath and Dry Finish brush Bandana Brush and Bath starting at $20. Nails Trimmed and Filed Skunk/odour and Flea treatments

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Shampooch Dog Grooming, Phone : (613) 403-2905

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Victoria Foley-Miller on 12-Mar-21
My dog hates being groomed and this is the only place she feels safe! We have tried other places but Chrystal is amazing with her and I will not take her any where else! We drive from Belleville to get the exceptional care/service that Chrystal offers!

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