Your Town Quinte Food Mart

Phone : (613) 396-2321
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Your Host(s) : Justin Kim

Deseronto, ON (Nearby: Marysville, Napanee, Selby, Shannonville, Roblin)

75 St. George Street
Deseronto, Ontario
K0K 1X0

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Open for Sunday Shopping snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc.

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Business Hours:
  • Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 8:00pm

Description From Owner:
  • Grocery, Milk
  • Fresh Meat & Deli / Vegetables
  • Rotisserie
  • Lottery

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Your Town Quinte Food Mart, Phone : (613) 396-2321

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Lee Taylor on 12-Apr-21
Stirling Barker is a great butcher! the meat is cut fresh and is delicious. Friendly , courteous staff, nice clean store. Nice to have this store in the neighborhood.

Trina Bartolo on 04-Apr-20
Great selection of fresh food and produce as well as all the convenient store treats and lotto too. They have a meat counter offering a variety fresh cut meat. They have also sell huge rotisserie cooked chickens, and also prepared hot meals. The store is clean, neat and the staff are helpful and friendly. There are also two entrances (one accommodates accessible needs) and adequate parking.

Gord on 08-Jun-17
Great store. Exactly what is needed in Deseronto. I use it all the time, otherwise I would have to drive into Napanee. Friendly owners & staff :)

Beverley on 15-Feb-17
I seem to be the only person who comments on our grocery store here in deseronto,but i am sure more people than me have good thoughts . I again have to say that for small store ,they have everything that you need,going to these large stores make you buy more than you need,plus you have to travel so what are you saving.? Last but not least is the friendliness of their staff,big stores don't care,they just push you through,without a hello or a smile. We are so fortunate to have this store,so come on Deseronto support it,we don't need any more closed stores in our town.

Beverley Boomhour on 02-Jul-16
I am so happy to have a grocery store in our beautiful Town. My congratulations to Ron and Lucille for investing in a sometimes negative attitude of our town. I hope that the citizens of our town will patronize their store so that it can remain. This store has the best meat that you will ever find,and their prices are compatible to any box store,without having to travel out of town,and remember we do have some bad winter days. Bev. Boomhour

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