Whispered Secret Pottery Studio

Phone : (613) 395-2147
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us

Stirling, ON (Nearby: Springbrook, Madoc, Foxboro, Marmora, Frankford)

643 Sarles Rd.
Stirling, Ontario
K0K 3E0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

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Whispered Secret Pottery Studio, Phone : (613) 395-2147

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Nancy Top on 07-Oct-15
Absolutely beautiful and unique pottery. I own several pieces in various colours and patterns and love each and every one of them. Alecia is one talented lady.

Helen Cowan on 15-Apr-15
Love this pottery! Durable and pretty--very practical. The prices are excellent in comparison to other hand thrown pottery. It's a beautiful country drive to Alecia's studio, nice day trip.

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