Woodview General Store

Phone : (705) 654-4224
Fax : (705) 654-4625
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Your Host(s) : Ron Warburton

Woodview, ON (Nearby: Juniper Island, Kawartha Park, Burleigh Falls, Youngs Point, Warsaw)

6220 Hwy 28
Woodview, Ontario
K0L 3E0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Open for Sunday Shopping pies, tarts, bread, cookies, muffins, donuts, etc.

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Description From Owner:
  • A historical General Store surrounded by beautiful and breathtaking natural landscapes and wildlife, while touching the shores of 3 crystal clear lakes.

Address of this page: http://www.ruralroutes.com/WoodviewGeneralStore

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Woodview General Store, Phone : (705) 654-4224

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Roberta Marie Munroe on 21-Oct-19
Store is great, but the seasonal chip truck, Hippie Chips was DELICIOUS! My sister had the portobello mushroom burger, and I had the High Jack w bacon & cheese with a side of poutine. Crazy good!

Pamela Martel on 12-Nov-18
Stopped for an ice cream with my family. Kawartha Dairy with a waffle cone. It was delicious. The ice cream was fresh and cones crispy. The store has essentials as well as a small gift shop. The staff 'Ron' was friendly. The service was a little slow, however, there was a trainee. It was a lovely store. Next time we are in the area we will definitely have an ice cream from here! Very helpful the current owner Ron has just the personality to run a general store its a pleasure to go in.

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