Airnet Wireless Inc.

Toll Free Phone : (877) 534-0021
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Grafton, ON (Nearby: Baltimore, Castleton, Colborne, Cobourg, Roseneath)

1112 County Rd 22
Grafton, Ontario
K0K 2G0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Business Hours:
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Description From Owner:
  • Airnet Wireless Inc. is the culmination of a process that started in 1998. By approaching local farmers and tirelessly climbing silos and grain elevators, founder Carl Jeptha, was able to create a wireless network spanning the rural community.
  • His many years experience as head of Operations & Technology for a company in Pickering made his idea a success.
  • Airnet Wireless Inc. was incorporated on June 06, 2002 and began offering high speed internet service to its customers. At first we were only broadcasting off the new watertower in Cobourg which required a very clear LOS (Line of Sight) to our receivers.
  • Today, Airnet Wireless Inc. services most of Northumberland County with more than 20 repeater stations and using state-of-the-art equipment by leading North American suppliers.
  • We are always looking to grow our network by working with the community to build new repeater stations; ask us how you can assist by becoming a repeater owner.

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Airnet Wireless Inc., Toll Free Phone : (877) 534-0021

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