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Ravenshoe, Keswick

Christopher Georgas on 16-Nov-17
Evelyn Georgas (nee Smith) was born in Ravenshoe on December 17th, 1918 and was raised on a local farm with her younger brother Keith. She attended the local church there and Evelyn learned her ABC's in a one room school house until she was 14 when, due to family pressures and a desire for an education she was moved along to Newmarket, Ontario. She attended high school in Newmarket, graduating with honours, basically putting herself through her young life as an independent young woman paying for her room and board by doing what she knew how to do best. Work Hard. Evelyn married Alexander Georgas, the proprietor of Victoria Sweets Candy store and eventually went on to create a high class restaurant environment on Main Street before building their family life around a prosperous Dry Cleaning establishment. Evelyn will be 100 years old on December 17th, 2017 and is still going forward in the best way she knows how to...with hard work and determination. Happy birthday Evelyn. I hope the people of Ravenshoe has some recollection of the Smith clan.

Back40 Lawn & Powersports, Stirling

Michael Powers on 13-Nov-17
I have been to this store several times for parts and service. The customer service is top notch. Prices are very fare. I highly recommend this store.

Van Koeverden Orchard, Thamesville

Pat Huston on 09-Oct-17
Very good apples this year; nice to visit and the staff a very nice.

Mom's Restaurant, Verona

Sarah on 27-Aug-17
Great food. Perfect cozy Sunday breakfast place! Loved it.

Dyment, Dryden

Karen Daignault on 09-Aug-17
My father Jack Robinson grew up and lived in Dyment his whole life. In 1998 he built a small private museum to keep some of the history of Dyment for people to see, it started out as a hobby but as more and more people heard about his little gem in his back yard, people started donating to the cause. It has now grown to include two buildings and a caboose, yes I said a caboose in the back yard as well as many tractors and trucks from the area. My husband and I have now taken over the museum as it got to be to much for my parents to do but they are still actively involved in it. If you have a chance to come out to Dyment and take a look around this little treasure in the middle of now where we would love to see you. You can get ahold of me through my email, thank you and hope to see you soon!

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