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Jeanette's Creek, Tilbury

Vern Huston on 08-Oct-18
My sister Helen Pisani (Huston) passed away at the age of 82. Helen lived in California with her husband Lou and had two children Joanna and Jennifer. She had a total of 7 Grandchildren. Helen graduated as a nurse from Grace Hospital in Windsor and back in the 1960's the Americans were looking for nurses so a bunch of them took off for an adventure. Helen went to the public school in Jeannette's Creek and went to Tilbury High school.

River Valley, River Valley

Brad G on 06-Oct-18
Good variety of products, helpful, friendly

The Station Restaurant and Philoxenia Bar, Havelock

Usat1425 on 02-Oct-18
If you are passing by Highway 7, be sure to stop off at the Havelock Station Restaurant. They serve exceptional food, such as their Chicken Souvlaki (flavourful and tender) and the fish and chips with great coleslaw and fries. The staff is very cheerful and the interior clean. Put all this in 1900's restored CP train station and you'll have a wonderful experience.

Sunnyside Up Family Restaurant, Madoc

Mark Alston on 29-Sep-18
Fantastic chicken katsu curry dinner. Well worth the drive from Hamilton.

Clear Creek Farms, Highgate

Holly Paterson on 25-Sep-18
I can't speak highly enough about Clear Creek Farms! Their meat - beef, chicken and pork, was exceptionally good and their service was superb! I want to reorder - gladly - from Chris this year . I would soooo recommend his meat and himself.

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