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Reilly's Awards and Embroidery, Trenton

Don Oakley (Oakley Woods Croquet) on 11-Nov-19
On the occasions that we've worked with the crew at Reilly's, they've always put customer service first. Top quality work and wonderful people.

Thornhill, Thornhill

Ken Steinberg on 10-Nov-19
Greetings, I found your site interesting and informative. I would like to point out that there is a bullet point that suggests that Montgomery's Tavern was located in Thornhill. This is incorrect. It was located in Toronto on Yonge St just north of Eglinton at Montgomery Ave. on the south west corner. Richard (Dick) Sutton Frizzell was a Tory Loyalist who lived in Thornhill and was key to preventing the rebellion. As a group of rebels were moving down Yonge, from Schomberg, Frizzell rode down to the city to forewarn them. The rebels were met Montgomery's tavern where a short skirmish ensued and the rebels, numbering about 300 (most volunteers and unarmed) dispersed within about 20 minutes. The Loyalists then looted and burned the tavern to the ground. A post office was erected on the site. And, presently, a condo (with the facade of the post office, intact) stands in place. Ken Steinberg

The Stain Expert, Peterborough

Katie O'Keefe on 08-Nov-19
Excellent Service! Russ picked up two of our carpets to be cleaned and did a fantastic job! One week later our carpets have been dropped off both looking and smelling great! I would definitely recommend this place as a great option for getting your carpets cleaned!

Classic Cleaners of Campbellford, Campbellford

Don Bovingdon on 08-Nov-19
Did a great job on my work shirts!!!!!

Kirkland Plumbing and Mechanical Services, Warkworth

Kat Krylov on 08-Nov-19
Not only did Murray promptly return my call on one of the busiest nights after a wicked wind storm, he patiently stayed on the phone and talked me through a problem I was having with my well pump. Thank you, Kirkland Plumbing! You can have all of my business!

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