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United Restaurant, Deseronto

Ed G. on 20-Mar-18
Great place to eat. The pizza is the best I have ever had, and everything else I have tried is also excellent. Love this restaurant.

The Hidden Treasure Chest, Campbellford

Patricia Harris on 01-Mar-18
Great deals, Friendly People, Great Food Great night out

Do's for Dogs, Norwood

Marion on 19-Jan-18
Do's for Dog's is a wonderful boutique for dogs. Allie is wonderful lady who always makes time to fit in my 3 Maltese fur babies, and they always come home so beautifully groomed.

Wyebridge, Wyebridge

Brian MacDonald on 14-Jan-18
I believe the wording 'Angus Grant first named the place Macville after his father- in-law Michael MacDonald, but in 1861 it was renamed Wyebridge, taking its name for a bridge over the River Wye.' contains an error. 'Michael MacDonald' should be 'John 'LeBorgne' McDonell'. Brian

Sunnyside Up Family Restaurant, Madoc

Marilyn on 03-Jan-18
Great food and wonderful staff.

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