Cardiff (Central Ontario, K0L 1M0)
  1. Cardiff Your Host(s): Haliburton County Public Library, Phone: (613) 339-2712 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 542. In CardiffT., Haliburton C., on Hwy 121 & C. Rd. 9,15 km. SW of Bancroft.
  2. Highland Grove (Highland Grove, 10km) Your Host(s): Highland Grove General Store, Phone: (705) 448-2077 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 173. In Haliburton C. on C. Rds. 5 & 648, 21 km W of Bancroft. This area of Haliburton C. is called the 'Highlands of Haliburton' and is heavily forested, factors that influenced selection of the community's name when it was chosen in 1897.
  3. Cedar Meadow Golf Course (Harcourt, 15km) Phone: (705) 448-3999 Leave a Public Review
Golf Courses
  4. Harcourt (Harcourt, 15km) Your Host(s): South Algonquin Country Store, Phone: (705) 448-3788 Leave a Public Review
In Harcourt T., Haliburton C. on C. Rd. 648, 24 km W of Bancroft.
5. Municipality of Highlands East (Lower Tier Haliburton) (Wilberforce, 17km) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (705) 448-2981 FAX: (705) 448-2532 Leave a Public Review
  6. Wilberforce (Wilberforce, 17km) Your Host(s): Haliburton Library Wilberforce, Phone: (705) 448-2510 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 439. In Monmouth T., Haliburton C., on Poverty L. at the head of the Irondale R. and C. Rds. 4 & 648, 26 km E of Haliburton.
7. Wilberforce Fair (Wilberforce Agricultural Society) (Wilberforce, 17km) Phone: (705) 448-3981 Leave a Public Review
The excitement at the Wilberforce Fair begins on Friday evening with our Spaghetti Supper and Pony Pull. It's a crowd-pleasing competition where man and beast master muscle and desire to pull the stone boat the distance.
8. Bear Ridge Campground and Cottages (Coe Hill, 21km) Your Host(s): Jason and Traci Morrison, Phone: (613) 337-5533 Leave a Public Review
9. Coe Hill (Coe Hill, 21km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Coe Hill, Phone: (613) 337-5787 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 56. In Wollarton T., Hastings C. on C. Rd. 620, 31 km S of Bancroft. The place was first called Salem and then Welch Corners after Mose Welch opened a store here in 1882.
  10. Coe Hill Agricultural Fair (Coe Hill, 21km) Phone: (613) 473-5596 FAX: (613) 473-1435 Leave a Public Review
11. Coe Hill and Area Business Association (Coe Hill, 21km) Your Host(s): c/o Red Eagle Campground, Phone: (613) 337-5587 Leave a Public Review
A collection of businesses in and around Coe Hill. Coe Hill and Area offers outdoor activities year round, trails and many lakes, restaurants, camping and many unique shops.
12. L'Amable (L'Amable, 18km) Your Host(s): All Care Health Service, Phone: (613) 332-5584 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 315. In Dungannon T., Hastings C., on the east side of L' Amable L. and Hwy 62, 10 km. SE of Bancroft.