Colborne (Central Ontario, K0K 1S0)
1. Colborne Home Hardware Your Host(s): Doug and Heather Grant, Phone: (905) 355-2333 FAX: (905) 355-3409 Leave a Public Review
Colborne Home Hardware stocks hardware, plumbing, paint, and electrical supplies as well as camping supplies.
2. Deleeuw Orchards Your Host(s): Dan and John Deleeuw, Phone: (905) 355-1403 Leave a Public Review
Fresh apples July 30 - Nov.30. Yellow Transparent, Spartan, Paulareds, Early Macs, Wealthys, McIntosh, Royal Gala, Empire, Red Delicious, Golden Russets, Mutsus (Crispin), Melba, Ambrosia, Idared, Northern Spys, Cortlands, Wagners, Cox, Elstar, Fujis.
3. J & D Christmas Trees Your Host(s): Don Carman, Phone: (905) 355-3009 Leave a Public Review
Harvest your own and precut White Spruce, Balsam and Fraser Fir. We provide hayrides and baling. Enjoy a real family tradition.
4. Kellys Strawberries Your Host(s): Nicci and Phil Kelly, Phone: (905) 375-6186 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
5 acres of lucious strawberries..early season: Wendy, Honeoye
5. Knight's Appleden Fruit Market Phone: (905) 349-2521 FAX: (905) 349-3129 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Home of the Big A Brand apples. Growers and Packers of high quality fruit, the FRUIT MARKET offers superior product to the public.
6. Landmarks of Colborne, Ontario, CANADA Your Host(s): Ontario Rural Routes, Phone: (613) 475-4637 Leave a Public Review
7. Northumberland Veterinary Service (NVS) Phone: (905) 355-1622 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Besides routine pet health care, we provide a concentrated effort towards specific issues involving reproduction, dermatology, dentistry, and surgery.
8. Old Mill Alpacas Your Host(s): Amy Kung-Oliver, Phone: (905) 269-4402 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
From our own alpacas fleece we make (onsite) our line of our own duvets, blankets, throws, travel pillows, pet beds, and many other products. Check out our online store, but keep checking back as we are constantly developing new products.
9. Rutherford's Farm and Roadside Market Your Host(s): David and Sherry Rutherford, Phone: (905) 355-3024 Public Reviews (4) Leave a Public Review
Rutherfords specializes in home grown fresh fruit and vegetables.
10. Salem Woods Trailer Park Your Host(s): Jim and Belle Cox, Phone: (905) 355-3826 Public Reviews (4) Leave a Public Review
Salem Woods Trailer Park is a beautiful park with mature trees, 5 acre trout pond and an abundance of wildlife.
11. Steven Tedford Knives Your Host(s): Steven Tedford, Phone: (613) 689-7569 Leave a Public Review
Hand made custom knives
12. Sylvie's Best Friends Doggie Day Camp Your Host(s): Sylvie Paradis, Phone: (905) 355-5772 Public Reviews (2) Leave a Public Review
Special hours can be accommodated but must be set up at time of booking Please no pick ups after 7:00pm. A $25.00 an hour extra charge will apply starting at 6 pm.
13. The Big Apple Phone: (905) 355-2574 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Pie Factory Bakery, Restaurant, Gift Shop, Petting Zoo, Mini-Golf
14. Tip Top Realty Inc. Your Host(s): Stan Chapman, Phone: (905) 375-0750 FAX: (905) 355-1423 Leave a Public Review
Selling your home is one of the most important decisions you will make and we would love to be the real estate professionals that help you through the process.
15. Township of Cramahe (Lower Tier Northumberland) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Toll Free Phone: (877) 272-4263 FAX: (905) 355-3430 Leave a Public Review
  16. Colborne Your Host(s): Canada Post Colborne, Phone: (905) 355-3542 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 1,876. In Cramahe T., Northumberland C., on Keeler's Cr. and C. Rds. 2 & 31, 40 km SW of Trenton.
  17. HiLo Farms Your Host(s): Carman and Ellen Woods, Phone: (905) 355-3632 Leave a Public Review
Apples, pears, peppers, onions, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes & cukes in season.
  18. Jackson Family Farm Your Host(s): Terry, Anita & Stacy Jackson, Phone: (905) 355-2689 Leave a Public Review
Seasonal fruit, vegetables, plants, decorative florals, poultry and other farm products
  19. Pieter's Appleyard Phone: (905) 355-5725 Leave a Public Review
  20. Salem, Colborne Area Your Host(s): Post Office Colborne, Phone: (905) 355-3542 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 100. In Darlington T., Reg. Mun. of Durham on C. Rd. 2 between Brighton and Colborne, 28 km, NE of Cobourg. Neither the history of the community nor the origin of its name have been recorded.
  21. The Brick House Farm Your Host(s): Ed and Jahn VanEgmond, Phone: (905) 344-7767 Leave a Public Review
Grass Fed Beef, free range pork, chicken, eggs & sweet corn in season.
  22. Wicklow Your Host(s): Canada Post Colborne, Phone: (905) 355-3542 Leave a Public Review
In Wicklow T ., Northumberland C., on C. Rd. 2, 14 km NE of Cobourg. The community took its name in 1862 from the T. which had been named in 1857 after County Wicklow in Ireland.
  23. Wicklow Way Farm Your Host(s): Gregory Hill and Elaina Asselin, Phone: (905) 355-5260 Leave a Public Review
Certified organic market garden vegetables. Eggs, chicken, duck, pork and goat.
24. Castleton & Landmarks of Castleton, Ontario, CANADA (Castleton, 11km) Your Host(s): Ontario Rural Routes, Phone: (905) 344-7341 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 356. In Cramahe T., Northumberland C., on C. Rds. 22 & 25, 30 km NE of Cobourg. Joseph A. Keeler, son of the township's first settler, built a grist mill at Castleton in 1795.
25. Castleton Hills RV Park (Castleton, 11km) Your Host(s): Rob and Stephanie Berry, Phone: (905) 344-7838 Leave a Public Review
26. Darcon Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (Castleton, 11km) Your Host(s): Darlene Patrick, Phone: (905) 344-7400 Leave a Public Review
HVAC system design is a major subdiscipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.
  27. Don K. Clarke Construction (Castleton, 11km) Phone: (905) 344-7421 Leave a Public Review
In addition to building and renovating private homes, Don K. Clarke Construction Inc. is also well known for high-quality commercial projects, agricultural buildings and a substantial adult lifestyle community.
28. Doug's Small Engines (Castleton, 11km) Your Host(s): Doug Stewart, Phone: (905) 349-3027 FAX: (905) 349-1048 Leave a Public Review
Service is our Business
  29. Gary Mulcahey, Photographer (Castleton, 11km) Phone: (905) 373-8705 Leave a Public Review
30. Landmarks of Morganston, Ontario, CANADA (Castleton, 11km) Your Host(s): Ontario Rural Routes, Phone: (613) 475-4637 Leave a Public Review
The former Morganston United Church now a public residence. Please check the following references for more information about this building:
  31. Longview Farm (Castleton, 11km) Your Host(s): Darcy McKague, Phone: (905) 344-7815 FAX: (905) 344-7445 Leave a Public Review
Custom sawn lumber service using portable Board Bandit bandsaw mill. Please Call ahead for preliminary consultation.
  32. Oak Valley Wood Products & Custom Cabinetry Ltd. (Castleton, 11km) Your Host(s): Bob Lindt, Phone: (905) 344-7483 FAX: (905) 344-7319 Leave a Public Review
Heritage Restoration
  33. Piper Creek Farms (Castleton, 11km) Your Host(s): Doug & Bonnie Gray, Phone: (905) 344-1100 Leave a Public Review
Corn finished Angus beef orders (halves or quarters) Hamburger anytime.
34. Ray Cobbing Antiques (Castleton, 11km) Phone: (905) 344-7840 Leave a Public Review
General Northumberland history...40 year's experience.
  35. Trent Hills Lumber Co. (Castleton, 11km) Phone: (905) 344-1092 Leave a Public Review
  36. Vernonville (Castleton, 11km) Your Host(s): Castleton General Store, Phone: (905) 344-7341 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 77. In Haldimand T., NorhumberIand C., 21 km NE of Cobourg. Shown on an 1861 map as Verdonville.
37. Airnet Wireless Inc. (Grafton, 11km) Toll Free Phone: (877) 534-0021 Leave a Public Review
Airnet Wireless Inc. is the culmination of a process that started in 1998. By approaching local farmers and tirelessly climbing silos and grain elevators, founder Carl Jeptha, was able to create a wireless network spanning the rural community.
38. Centreton (Grafton, 11km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Grafton, Phone: (905) 349-2495 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 109. In HaldimandT.,Northumberland C.on C.Rds.22 & 23, 16 km NE of Cobourg. The community is in the middle of the T., and was named Centreton in 1861.
  39. Cobourg Art Club (Grafton, 11km) Your Host(s): c/o Susan Statham, Phone: (905) 349-3414 Leave a Public Review
The Cobourg Art Club members meet on a regular basis to do creative and expressive multi-media art of their own choosing.
  40. Grafton (Grafton, 11km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Grafton, Phone: (905) 349-2495 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 360. In Haldimand T., Northumberland C., on C. Rd. 2 near L. Ontario, 12 km E of Cobourg. The hamlet was settled by United Empire Loyalists from Vermont and Massachusetts around 1798.