Eldorado (Eastern Ontario, K0K 1Y0)
1. Eldorado Your Host(s): Eldorado Dairy Company, Phone: (613) 473-2973 Leave a Public Review
In Madoc T., Hastings C. on Hwy 62,52 km NW of Belleville. The community was founded as Richardson Mine Settlement in 1866 during the Madoc Township gold rush after gold was discovered on the farm of John Richardson.
2. Landmarks of Hazzards Corners, Ontario, CANADA Your Host(s): Ontario Rural Routes, Phone: (613) 465-4637 Leave a Public Review
  3. A Burden Lifted Your Host(s): Lisa McEwen, Phone: (613) 472-6633 Leave a Public Review
  4. AAA Roofing and Property Management Phone: (613) 473-1276 Leave a Public Review
  5. Allan Franks Construction Limited Your Host(s): Steve Hope or Allan Franks, Phone: (613) 473-4212 Leave a Public Review
  6. AVON Independent Sales Representative Your Host(s): Robin Carscadden, Phone: (613) 473-4126 Leave a Public Review
AVON personal care products.
  7. Eggleton's Driver Service Your Host(s): Marylee or John Kirkland, Phone: (613) 473-2832 FAX: (613) 473-3818 Leave a Public Review
  8. Evergreen Acres Holistic Wellness Centre for Family & Pets Your Host(s): Marlene Pietschmann C.N.H.C , C.H, Phone: (613) 473-2395 Leave a Public Review
  9. Fleetbreeze Kennels Your Host(s): Janice Tiessen & Rick Hemmings, Phone: (613) 473-3037 Leave a Public Review
  10. Kars 10co Digital Solutions Your Host(s): Peter Karstenskov, Phone: (613) 968-0044 Leave a Public Review
  11. Madoc Township Fire Department Phone: (613) 473-2677 Leave a Public Review
Actual Phone for Madoc Township Fire Hall 613 473 4797 (unattended phone)
  12. Mitzvah Technique Phone: (613) 473-3805 Leave a Public Review
  13. Murphy Lumber Ltd. Phone: (613) 473-5638 Leave a Public Review
  14. Queensborough & Eldorado United Church Phone: (613) 473-5061 Leave a Public Review
  15. The Eldorado Experience (The Richardson Goldmine) Your Host(s): Kim Woodside, Phone: (780) 266-7850 Leave a Public Review
  16. 4URKIDZ (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Kim English, Phone: (613) 473-3052 Leave a Public Review
Children's Clothing
17. Ace Pizzeria & Restaurant (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Soori and Kuma, Phone: (613) 473-5235 FAX: (613) 473-5236 Public Reviews (5) Leave a Public Review
Submarines, Tortilla Wraps, Fish and Chips, Salads, Pasta,
  18. Adult Education Centres (Quinte) (Madoc, 10km) Phone: (613) 473-5618 FAX: (613) 473-1651 Leave a Public Review
  19. All Bark No Bite Dog Grooming (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Jennifer Greatrix, Phone: (613) 473-3164 Leave a Public Review
Pet Shelters and Care
  20. All-Phase Painting & Decorating (Madoc, 10km) Phone: (613) 473-2231 Leave a Public Review
Construction Contractors,Household
  21. Allan Treverton Plumbing (Madoc, 10km) Phone: (613) 473-2346 Leave a Public Review
Construction Contractors
  22. Ampersand Film & Video Productions Ltd. (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): David Maltby, Phone: (613) 473-4579 Leave a Public Review
Writong, Editing and Distributing
  23. Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants, Woods Road Lubes Shop (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Robin Veerman, Phone: (613) 473-2290 Leave a Public Review
  24. Anti-Aging & Family Wellness Clinic (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Arun Dosaj, MD, Phone: (613) 473-5222 Leave a Public Review
  25. Aquin Plumbing & Heating (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Mike Aquin, Phone: (613) 473-1667 Leave a Public Review
Construction Contractors,Repairs
  26. At Your Service (AYS) Bookkeeping (Madoc, 10km) Phone: (613) 473-2249 FAX: (613) 473-1743 Leave a Public Review
  27. Avon Independent Sales (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Sarah Pinney, Phone: (613) 473-1843 Leave a Public Review
  28. B&Y Auto Parts Sales & Service (Madoc, 10km) Phone: (613) 473-1492 FAX: (613) 473-3090 Leave a Public Review
Automotive,Automotive Parts & Sales
  29. Bailey and Yarrow Barristers & Solicitors (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Karen Yarrow, Phone: (613) 473-2802 FAX: (613) 473-4472 Leave a Public Review
Legal / Insurance
30. Bailey's Cottages (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Doug and Sharon Phillips & Family, Phone: (613) 473-4119 Public Reviews (8) Leave a Public Review
Bailey’s Cottages is a third generation family run fishing resort located in the rural countryside on Moira Lake.
  31. Bannockburn (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Canada Post, Phone: (613) 473-2866 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 94. In Madoc T., Hastings C. at the confluence of the Jordan and Moira Rs. and on Hwy 62,45 km N of Belleville.
32. Barbara Chappelle Contemporary Abstract Art (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): James and Barbara Chappelle, Phone: (613) 473-2200 Leave a Public Review
Complete selection of functional stoneware from mugs to vegetable steamers.
  33. Beer Store (Madoc) (Madoc, 10km) Phone: (613) 473-2477 Leave a Public Review
Clothing Stores,LCBO
  34. Bell Mechanical (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Terry Bell, Phone: (613) 473-4642 Leave a Public Review
Automotive Repair
  35. Bethesda United Church (Madoc, 10km) Phone: (613) 473-1742 Leave a Public Review
Churches,Community,Community Services
36. Black River Antiques (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Wendy Higgins, Phone: (613) 473-1356 Leave a Public Review
Open 7 days a week April 01 - October 31.
  37. Bob Smith Automotive (NAPA Automotive) (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Ted and Sheri Smith, Phone: (613) 473-4284 FAX: (613) 473-0091 Leave a Public Review
  38. Brettwood Machinery Works Ltd. (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): R. Grant Brett, Phone: (613) 473-4122 FAX: (613) 473-2577 Leave a Public Review
  39. Bridge Street Chiropractic Offices - Madoc (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Dr. Sean Girduckis, Phone: (613) 473-2383 Leave a Public Review
40. Bronson Rapids, Madoc Area (Madoc, 10km) Your Host(s): Ontario Rural Routes, Phone: (613) 475-4637 Leave a Public Review
Another lovely cycling, picnicing and hiking destination, Bronson Rapids is close to Bonarlaw, Spring Brook, Ivanhoe, Crookston and Deloro.