Marlbank (Eastern Ontario, K0K 2L0)
1. Marlbank Phoenix Tavern Your Host(s): Dave and Jill, Phone: (613) 478-3337 Leave a Public Review
  2. C J Masonary Phone: (613) 478-1387 Leave a Public Review
  3. Caseys Marlbank Restaurant Phone: (613) 478-6467 Leave a Public Review
  4. Marlbank-Bethel Pentecostal Church Phone: (613) 478-6055 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
  5. Muriel's Hairdressing & Charlotte's Tanning Phone: (613) 478-2473 Leave a Public Review
  6. Phyloxia Toll Free Phone: (877) 445-6942 FAX: (613) 478-5410 Leave a Public Review
  7. Royal Window & Sun Rooms Phone: (613) 478-5135 Leave a Public Review
  8. St. Matthew's Anglican Church Phone: (613) 478-5570 Leave a Public Review
9. Beaver Lake Convenience & More (Erinsville, 6km) Your Host(s): Asheena Moorsaleen, Phone: (613) 379-5062 Leave a Public Review
Welcome to Beaver Lake Convenience & More! We've got a little bit of everything you just might need. Stop by for food or ice cream!
  10. Erinsville (Erinsville, 6km) Your Host(s): Lakeview Tavern, Phone: (613) 379-5550 Public Reviews (3) Leave a Public Review
Pop. 98. In Lennox & Addington Cs. at the SW end of Beaver L. and C. Rd. 41,1 km N of C. Rd. 13,28 km NW of Napanee.
  11. John's Taxidermy (Erinsville, 6km) Your Host(s): John Murphy, Phone: (613) 530-7975 Leave a Public Review
12. Marshall Automotive (Erinsville, 6km) Your Host(s): Steve Marshall, Phone: (613) 379-5818 FAX: (613) 379-3023 Leave a Public Review
General Automotive Repairs
  13. Forest Mills (Roblin, 8km) Your Host(s): Hart's Garage Roblin, Phone: (613) 388-2276 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Pop. 125. In Richmond T., Lennox & Addington C. on the Salmon R. and C. Rd. 12, 14 km NW of Napanee.
  14. Roblin (Roblin, 8km) Your Host(s): Roblin Wesleyan Church, Phone: (613) 388-2518 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 149. In the United Cs. of Lennox and Addington, on the Salmon R. and C. Rds. 6 & 41, 18 km. NW of Napanee.
  15. Tweed Nail Spa (Roblin, 8km) Your Host(s): Darlene Kimmerly, Phone: (613) 885-5056 Leave a Public Review
I welcome you to my 'Full Service Eesthetics/ Wellness' shop in the country only 25 min from Napanee
16. Robert Storring, FRI, Broker, C21 Lanthorn (Tamworth, 10km) Your Host(s): Robert Storring, Phone: (613) 379-2903 FAX: (613) 354-2944 Leave a Public Review
Located in the heart of Lennox and Addington County, Tamworth area enables you to live on the edge of nature and yet be within comfortable commuting , 20-30 minutes of Napanee, Kingston & Belleville. The entire area offers a picturesque rural setting.
  17. Tamworth (Tamworth, 10km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Tamworth, Phone: (613) 379-2217 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 731. In Sheffield T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on the Salmon R. and C. Rds. 4 & 15,62 km NW of Kingston.
18. Tamworth Pro Hardware (Tamworth, 10km) Your Host(s): Kulwant Guron (Soney) and Kam Singh, Phone: (613) 379-1064 FAX: (613) 379-1064 Leave a Public Review
19. The A-One Corner Restaurant and Variety Take-Out or Eat-In (Tamworth, 10km) Your Host(s): Kulwant Guron (Soney) and Kam Singh, Phone: (613) 379-2202 Leave a Public Review
20. The Regal Beagle 'UNLEASHED' Kennel (Tamworth, 10km) Your Host(s): Dalton Cowper, Phone: (613) 379-1101 Leave a Public Review
As dog owners, we understand how important it is to you that your dog has a positive and happy experience when away from home.
21. The River Bakery in Tamworth (Tamworth, 10km) Your Host(s): Dalton Cowper and Beverly Frazer, Phone: (613) 379-2972 FAX: (613) 379-2972 Public Reviews (7) Leave a Public Review
We are proud to serve you SLOW FOOD. Organics, local naturally raised meats - SLOW FOOD made with care. Our lunches and vegetarian meals are delicious and filling.
22. Vanness Automotive (Tamworth, 10km) Your Host(s): Randy, Phone: (613) 379-5287 Leave a Public Review
A complete line of moving supplies for the do-it-yourself mover in Tamworth, ON. U-Haul moving boxes are specifically designed to make packing and loading easier.
  23. Selby (Selby, 17km) Your Host(s): Village Green Nursing Home, Phone: (613) 388-2693 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 260. In Richmond T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on Sucker Cr. and C. Rds. 11 & 41, 43 km W of Kingston.
24. Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves (Centreville, 15km) Your Host(s): Ron and Evelyn Storring, Phone: (613) 388-2284 Public Reviews (14) Leave a Public Review
Visit the Devil's Horsestable Cave. Descend 7.5 metres to the depths of the Hell Hole that widens into a cavern approx. 2.5 X 3.5 metres. (FLASHLIGHT REQUIRED)
25. Township of Stone Mills (Lower Tier Lennox and Addington) (Centreville, 15km) Phone: (613) 378-2475 FAX: (613) 378-0033 Leave a Public Review
  26. Charmed Stables (Enterprise, 17km) Your Host(s): Donna O'Connell and Dave McKay, Phone: (613) 358-9058 Leave a Public Review
  27. Enterprise (Enterprise, 17km) Your Host(s): Lennox & Addington Library, Phone: (613) 358-2058 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 371. In Camden T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on C. Rd. 14, 35 km NW of Kingston.
  28. A1 Taxi (Tweed, 20km) Your Host(s): Vince Harview, Phone: (613) 919-0007 Leave a Public Review
  29. Actinolite Bed and Breakfast (Tweed, 20km) Your Host(s): Virginia McKeown, Phone: (613) 478-0036 Leave a Public Review
  30. Actinolite Graphics (Tweed, 20km) Your Host(s): George Logan, Phone: (613) 478-3393 Leave a Public Review
31. Actinolite or Actinotyte and Area, Community Hall (Tweed, 20km) Your Host(s): Ann Bowry, Phone: (613) 478-6471 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Actinolyte Pop. 119. In Hastings C. on the Skootamatta R., and Hwys 7 & 37 and C. Rd. 25, 36 km N of Belleville. Founded by Belleville lumber merchant Billa Flint, later a senator, the place was first named Troy.
  32. Actinolite Recreation Committee (Tweed, 20km) Your Host(s): Linda Beatty, Phone: (613) 478-6213 Leave a Public Review
Maintain Hall, Organize Events
33. All Out Welding (Tweed, 20km) Your Host(s): Dillon Burns, Phone: (705) 632-8954 Leave a Public Review
Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  34. Allore Haulage and U-Haul (Tweed, 20km) Phone: (613) 478-6614 Leave a Public Review
  35. Allore Trucking Ltd. (Tweed, 20km) Phone: (613) 478-2134 Leave a Public Review
  36. Alma Vanderwey, Acrylics (Tweed, 20km) Phone: (613) 478-6901 Leave a Public Review
  37. Anthony Vanderway Carpentry (Tweed, 20km) Phone: (613) 478-5764 Leave a Public Review
Residential Carpentry
  38. Asbestos & Mold Remediation Inc. (Tweed, 20km) Phone: (613) 478-5846 FAX: (613) 478-1134 Leave a Public Review
  39. Audrey Ross Watercolour Artist (Tweed, 20km) Phone: (613) 478-3591 Leave a Public Review
Tweed and Area Arts Council and the Tweed Kiwanis sponsor 'Art in the Park' each August.
  40. Auto Parts Extra (Tweed, 20km) Phone: (613) 478-5211 FAX: (613) 478-1351 Leave a Public Review