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Morpeth (Southwestern Ontario, N0P 1X0)
  1. Morpeth Phone: (519) 674-1010
Pop. 269. In Howard T., Kent C., on C. Rds. 3 & 17, 40 km SE of Chatham. Although Morpeth is about 3 km. from L. Erie, it was first called Antrim Port as it was the point through which passed both the MI Central Railway and Lake Erie & Detroit Railway.
  2. Port Alma Phone: (519) 674-0359
Pop. 94. In Kent C. on Lake Erie and C. Rds. 3 & 14,28 km. S of Chatham. In 1885 the first postmaster, Joseph Cusack, named the community after his wife Alma.
  3. McKay's Corners (Ridgetown, 6km) Phone: (519) 674-3417
Pop. 92. In Harwich T, Kent C, Reg. Mun. of Chatham-Kent on C. Rds. 14 & 15, 13 km NE of Chatham.
  4. Ridgetown (Ridgetown, 6km) Phone: (519) 674-3417
Pop. 3,454. In Howard T., Kent C., on C. Rds. 17 & 19,37 km. E of Chatham. The frrst settlers were United Empire Loyalists who arrived in 1823.
  5. Ridgetown Fair (Ridgetown, 6km) Phone: (519) 674-1881
Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.
  6. Highgate (Highgate, 12km) Phone: (519) 678-3990
Pop. 418. In Orford T., Kent C., on C. Rds. 19 & 20, 2 km S of Hwy 401, 64 km SW of St. Thomas. Brothers John, James, and Joseph Gosnell from Ireland settled in 1822.
  7. Palmyra (HighGate, 12km) Phone: (519) 678-3990
Pop. 10. In Orford T., Kent C. on C. Rd. 3, 20 km SE of Thamesville. In 1879 the place was known as South Muirkirk.
  8. Duart (Duart, 14km) Phone: (519) 678-3631
Pop. 121. In Oxford T, Kent C. on C. Rd. 121,44 km NE of Chatham.
  9. Erie Beach (Erieau, 16km) Phone: (519) 676-3945
Pop. 236. In Harwich T., Kent C., on L. Erie and C. Rd. 10,21 km. SE of Chatham. The community was created in 1908 by the Chatham, Wallaceburg, and Lake Erie Railway, which shut down in 1930.
10. Erieau (Erieau, 16km) Phone: (519) 676-3945
Pop. 482. In Harwich T., Kent C., on L. Erie along a sand spit at the entrance to landlocked Rondeau Harbour and C. Rd. 12,21 km SE of Chatham.
  11. Blenheim (Blenheim, 14km) Phone: (519) 676-3568
Pop. 4,873. In Harwich T., Kent C., on C. Rds. 3, 8, II & 19, 19 km. SE of Chatham.
  12. Guilds (Blenheim, 14km) Phone: (519) 676-3568
Pop. 454. In Harwich T., Kent C., on C. Rd. 3, 24 km SE of Chatham. In 1875 the place was called Bentley, but the name was changed to Guilds in 1919. The origin of the name is not known.
13. Shrewsbury (Blenheim, 14km) Phone: (519) 676-9903
Pop. 630. In Harwich T., Municipality of Chatham-Kent., on the N shore of Rondeau Harbour and C. Rd. 11,30 km SE of Chatham.


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