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New Lowell (Central Ontario, L0M 1N0)
  1. Brentwood Phone: (705) 424-9563
Pop. 93. In Sunnidale T., Simcoe C., on Hwy. 10, 21 km SW of Barrie. A post office opened here in 1864 and Andrew and Lewis Anger laid out the village town site in 1868.
  2. New Lowell Phone: (705) 424-6288
Pop. 440. In Sunnidale T., Simcoe C., on Coates Cr. and C. Rd. 9,27 km. SW of Barrie. The site was settled by the Paton family in 1853. Two years later the Northern Railway built a line through the area.
  3. Lisle (Lisle, 10km) Phone: (705) 466-3341
Pop. 413. In Tosorontio T., Simcoe C., on C. Rds. 13 & 21, 40 km. SW of Barrie. Local landowner Thomas Crosbie had named the community Forestlea, but when the Grand Trunk Railway arrived in 1878 the station was named New Airlie.
4. Township of Mulmur (Lisle, 10km) Toll Free Phone: (866) 472-0417
5. Angus (Angus, 9km) Phone: (519) 875-2775
Pop. 9,723. In Essa T., Simcoe C., 19 km. SW of Barrie on C. Rd. 10 just S of C. Rd. 90 and Pine R.
  6. Baxter (Angus, 9km) Phone: (705) 424-5653
Pop. 320. In Essa T., Simcoe C., onC. Rd. 21,just EofC. Rd. 10,28 km. SW of Barrie.
  7. Glencairn (Angus, 9km) Phone: (705) 424-5653
Pop. 152. In Simcoe C., on the Mad R. and C. Rd. 90,4 km. E ofC. Rd. 18. The place was named after James Cunningham, Earl of Glencairn, in 1867. Cunningham was a patron of Scottish poet Robert Burns.
8. Township of Essa (Angus, 9km) Phone: (705) 424-4054 FAX: (705) 424-6609
  9. Duntroon (Stayner, 9km) Phone: (705) 428-3886
Pop. 149. In Nottawasaga T., Simcoe C. on C. Rds. 91 & 124, 10 km. SE of Collingwood.
10. Fernwood Farms and Market (Stayner, 9km) Phone: (705) 428-3171
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  11. Stayner (Stayner, 9km) Phone: (705) 428-3886
Pop. 3,598. In Nottawasaga T., Simcoe C., on Hwy 26 and C. Rds. 42 & 91,39 km W of Barrie.
  12. Sunnidale Corners (Stayner, 9km) Phone: (705) 428-3886
Pop. 35. In Sunnidale T., Simcoe C. on Hwy. 26 and C. Rd. 10,21 km SE of Collingwood.
13. Township of Clearview (Stayner, 9km) Phone: (705) 428-6230 FAX: (705) 428-0288
  14. Creemore (Creemore, 9km) Phone: (705) 466-2204
Pop. 1,285. In Nottawasaga T., Simcoe c., on the Mad R. and C. Rd. 9,27 km. SE of Collingwood.
  15. Dunedin (Creemore, 9km) Phone: (705) 466-2204
Pop. 76. In Simcoe C. on C. Rds. 9 & 62, 21 km SE of Collingwood.
  16. Flynn's of Creemore (Creemore, 9km) Phone: (705) 466-6017
  17. Purple Hills Bistro & Pastry Shoppe (Creemore, 9km) Phone: (705) 466-5995
  18. Riverside Hearth Wellness Centre (Creemore, 9km) Phone: (705) 466-3292
  19. Terra Nova (Creemore, 9km) Phone: (705) 466-2204
In Mulmur T., Dufferin C. on Pine R. 33 km N of Orangeville. The name, Latin for 'new land,' was approved by the Canadian Board of Geographic Names in 1950, but its origin has not been recorded.
  20. Borden (Borden, 11km) Phone: (705) 424-9292
Pop. 5,000. In Tosorontio T., Simcoe C., on C. Rd. 10 just south of Angus, 16 km. SW of Barrie.
21. Town of Wasaga Beach (Wasaga Beach, 16km) Phone: (705) 429-4722
Pop. 9,710. In Sunnidale T., Simcoe C., on Nottawasaga Bay off Georgian Bay and the mouth ofthe Nottawasaga R., and C. Rd. 92, 40 km NW of Barrie.
  22. Edenvale (Minesing, 14km) Toll Free Phone: (866) 607-6301
Pop. 78. In Vespra T., Simcoe C. on the Nottawasaga R. and Hwy. 26, 25 km NW of Barrie.
  23. Minesing (Minesing, 14km) Phone: (705) 722-6440
Pop. 338. In Vespra T., Simcoe C., on C. Rds. 26 & 28, 16 km. NW of Barrie. The post office was established as Minesing in 1867. Minesing is an Ojibwa word for 'island.'
24. Township of Springwater (Minesing, 14km) Phone: (705) 728-4784 FAX: (705) 728-6957
  25. Everett (Everett, 19km) Phone: (705) 435-4537
Pop. 865. In Tosorontio T., Simcoe C., on C. Rds. 5 & 13, 32 km SW of Barrie. The settlement was established in 1868 and a post office called Everett opened in 1869.
  26. Glen Huron (Glen Huron, 16km) Phone: (705) 466-2600 FAX: (705) 466-2606
Pop. 127. In Nottawasaga T., Simcoe C., on the Mad R. 24 km S of Collingwood.
  27. Anten Mills (Phelpston, 20km) Phone: (705) 322-2152
Pop. 620. In Vespra T., Simcoe C., on Hwy 26 and C. Rd. 22 and the CNR, 14.5 km. NW of Barrie.
  28. Apto (Phelpston, 20km) Phone: (705) 322-2152
In Flos T., Simcoe C. On C. Rd. 27, just NW of C. Rd. 22, 14 km. NW of Barrie. First known as Silver Maple, the place was called Apto after a place in Spain when the post office opened in 1856.
  29. Phelpston (Phelpston, 20km) Phone: (705) 322-3191
Pop. 342. In Flos T., Simcoe C., 3 km SW of C. Rd. 27, 24 km. NW of Barrie. The community was named in 1871 after lumberman Orson James Phelps, an early settler and MLA from 1884-90.


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