Odessa (Eastern Ontario, K0H 2H0)
1. Burt's Greenhouses Your Host(s): Brian Burt and Ruth Hayward, Phone: (613) 386-3426 FAX: (613) 386-1211 Leave a Public Review
Welcome to Burt's Greenhouses of Kingston area, Ontario, Canada. Growers of fine annuals, perennials and shrubs.
2. Odessa Your Host(s): Canada Post Odessa, Phone: (613) 386-3879 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 1,162. In Ernestown T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on Millhaven Cr., and C. Rds. 2 & 4, just S of Hwy 401, 23 km. W of Kingston.
3. Township of Loyalist (Lower Tier Lennox and Addington) Phone: (613) 386-7351 FAX: (613) 386-3833 Leave a Public Review
4. Wilton Cheese Factory Your Host(s): Dave Larkin, Phone: (613) 386-7314 FAX: (613) 386-1223 Public Reviews (30) Leave a Public Review
Aged Cheddar is our specialty.
  5. Odessa Fair (Odessa Agricultural Society) Phone: (613) 386-3453 Leave a Public Review
Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.
  6. Wilton Your Host(s): Wilton Cheese Factory, Phone: (613) 386-7314 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 176. In Lennox & Addington C. on Wilton Cr., 1.5 Ion S of C. Rd. 18, 25 km. NW of Kingston.
  7. Amherstview (Amherstview, 9km) Your Host(s): Post Office, Phone: (613) 389-7301 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Pop. 6,110. In Ernestown T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on C. Rd. 33, 11 km. W of Kingston.
8. Ernestown Station Historical Post Office (Amherstview, 9km) Your Host(s): Canada Post, Phone: (613) 389-7301 Leave a Public Review
9. Gino's Pizza and Spaghetti Amherstview (Amherstview, 9km) Your Host(s): Noele Murano, Phone: (613) 389-2929 Leave a Public Review
  10. Milestone Antiques (Amherstview, 9km) Your Host(s): Strode Stevenhaagen, Phone: (613) 389-5783 Leave a Public Review
  11. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic School (Amherstview, 9km) Phone: (613) 389-1122 FAX: (613) 389-9684 Leave a Public Review
  12. W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre Ice Skating Rink (Amherstview, 9km) Phone: (613) 389-3648 Leave a Public Review
  13. Westbrook (Westbrook, 8km) Your Host(s): Old Country Store, Phone: (613) 389-3733 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 509. In Kingston T., Frontenac C., on C. Rd. 2, 11 km NW of Kingston. The community was first known as Slab City because the local mill produced fine slabs of wood for building early houses.
  14. Colebrook (Yarker, 11km) Your Host(s): Colebrook General Store, Phone: (613) 377-1161 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 204. In Camden T., Lennox & Addington Cs., on the Napanee R. and C. Rds. 5 and 6, 26 km NW of Kingston: The settlement was first known as Peters' Mills after Eli Peters who built a sawmill here in the early 1800s.
15. Colebrook Auto Service & Recycling (Yarker, 11km) Your Host(s): Serge Brunette, Phone: (613) 377-7777 FAX: (613) 377-7000 Leave a Public Review
New and Used Parts
16. Quinn's Meats Ltd. (Yarker, 11km) Your Host(s): Brian Quinn, Phone: (613) 377-6430 FAX: (613) 377-1520 Leave a Public Review
All meat processed at Quinns is done under Ontario government inspection. We buy all of our livestock from local feedlots and farmers.
17. Sheila's Greenhouse (The Cape Bretoner's Farm Gate) (Yarker, 11km) Your Host(s): Sheila Calder, Phone: (613) 217-8067 Leave a Public Review
Sheila’s Greenhouse opened in May 2016. The small business grows floral and vegetable transplants for the home gardener. A wide variety of traditional bedding plants, perennials, popular vegetables and herbs, are grown from both seeds and cuttings.
18. Waterfall Tea Room and Store (Yarker, 11km) Your Host(s): Eric DePoe, Phone: (613) 377-1856 Leave a Public Review
Welcome to beautiful Yarker!
19. Yarker (Yarker, 11km) Your Host(s): Colebrook General Store, Phone: (613) 377-1161 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 581. In Camden T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on the Napanee R. and C. Rds. 1, 4, & 6, 26 km NW of Kingston.
  20. AAA Moving & Storage (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-5200 Leave a Public Review
  21. Accent Furniture (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-5734 Leave a Public Review
  22. ACF Associates (Bath, 11km) Your Host(s): Andrew Fitzgerald, Phone: (613) 484-4124 Leave a Public Review
23. Adolphustown (Historical Post Office) (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-7416 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 50. In Adolphustown T., Prince Edward C., on Adolphustown Reach, a fiord-like bay off L. Ontario and Hwy 33 & C. Rd. 8, 13 km. NE Picton.
  24. Amherstview Auto Service (Bath, 11km) Your Host(s): Brian Darling, Phone: (613) 386-7371 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
  25. Amherstview Community Fellowship (Bath, 11km) Your Host(s): Reverend. John F. Craig, Phone: (613) 389-8986 Leave a Public Review
  26. Andre T A & Sons (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-5462 Leave a Public Review
  27. Anne Douglas Interiors (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-3411 Leave a Public Review
28. Art By Danuszia (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-5858 Leave a Public Review
  29. Artina Mocs (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-5314 Leave a Public Review
  30. B & G Nut & Bolt (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-5958 Leave a Public Review
  31. Bath Artisans (Bath, 11km) Your Host(s): Susan Swackhammer, President, Phone: (613) 389-7038 Leave a Public Review
  32. Bath Badminton Club (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-9972 Leave a Public Review
  33. Bath Chiropractic (Bath, 11km) Your Host(s): Dr. David Miekle, Phone: (613) 328-8892 Leave a Public Review
Dr. Meikle practices chiropractic using “Activator Methods”. This is a gentle, low-force approach to realigning the spine.
  34. Bath Dental Centre (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-5300 Leave a Public Review
  35. Bath Fire Hall (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-7744 Leave a Public Review
  36. Bath Hair Styling (Bath, 11km) Your Host(s): Rebecca A. Wilson, Phone: (613) 352-5265 Leave a Public Review
  37. Bath Lion’s Club (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-5198 Leave a Public Review
We have a Pancake Breakfast on the 3rd Sunday of every month in the St John's Hall. Come Join us!
  38. Bath Massage Therapy Studio (Bath, 11km) Your Host(s): Tara Batchilder, RMT, Phone: (613) 888-6060 Leave a Public Review
  39. Bath Museum (Bath, 11km) Your Host(s): Karen MacKenzie, Phone: (613) 352-7716 Public Reviews (2) Leave a Public Review
Admission Free The Bath Museum reveals life in this village nestled on the shore of Lake Ontario through the years.
  40. Bath Public School (Bath, 11km) Phone: (613) 352-7543 FAX: (613) 352-1048 Leave a Public Review