Ompah (Eastern Ontario, K0H 2J0)
  1. Lavant Your Host(s): Double S Sports and Marina, Toll Free Phone: (866) 661-4939 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 17. In Lavant T., Lanark C. on C. Rd. 16, 34 km NW of Perth.
  2. Ompah Your Host(s): Ompah Community Centre, Phone: (613) 479-2930 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 128. In Palmerston and North and South Canonto Ts., Frontenac C., on the SE shore of Palmerston L. and C. Rd. 509, 110 km. NW of Kingston.
  3. Ardoch (Ardoch, 10km) Your Host(s): Ardoch Post Office, Toll Free Phone: (866) 607-6301 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 36. In Clarendon T., Frontenac C. on Hwy. 506, 31 km NW of Sharbot Lake. Ardoch post office was established in1865. On a 1904 map the name was shown as Green Lake.
4. Canonto (Historical Post Office) (Ardoch, 10km) Your Host(s): Ardoch Post Office, Toll Free Phone: (866) 607-6301 Leave a Public Review
5. Polished Spa Services of Ardoch (Ardoch, 10km) Your Host(s): Holly Labow, Phone: (613) 479-2166 Public Reviews (17) Leave a Public Review
Visit my website at for a complete price list, description of services, photos and testimonials about Polished.
  6. Plevna (Plevna, 12km) Your Host(s): Frontenac Public Library, Phone: (613) 479-2542 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 104. In Frontenac C. on Buckshot Cr. and C. Rds. 506 & 509 86 km NW of Kingston. The place was first called Buckshot after the creek which flows from Buckshot Lake.
7. Township of North Frontenac (Lower Tier Frontenac) (Plevna, 12km) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Toll Free Phone: (800) 234-3953 FAX: (613) 479-2352 Leave a Public Review
  8. Snow Road Station (Snow Road Station, 14km) Your Host(s): Snow Road Snowmobile Club, Phone: (613) 278-2022 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 41. In Frontenac C., on C. Rds. 36 & 509, 19 km N of Sharbot Lake which is 36 km. SW of Perth.
  9. Mountain Grove (Mountain Grove, 30km) Your Host(s): Mountain Grove Branch Library, Phone: (613) 335-5360 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 114. In Frontenac C., 3 km. S of Hwy 7, 29 km. NE of Kaladar, 51 km. SW of Perth.
10. 1010 Lawn & Garden Centre (Sharbot Lake, 29km) Your Host(s): Pete and Velma Nedow, Phone: (613) 279-1118 Leave a Public Review
Full Landscaping, Garden Centre, Home and Yard Cleaning Service, Bobcat and Mini Excavator Rentals, Cottage and Residential Cleaning Service
11. Amazing Dollar Store Sharbot Lake (Sharbot Lake, 29km) Your Host(s): Holly Davis, Phone: (613) 279-2626 Leave a Public Review
GIFTWARE: Candles and holders, knick knacks, flowers, giftbags, wraps, cards, etc.