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Opasatika (Northern Ontario, P0L 1Z0)
1. Municipality of Opasatika Phone: (705) 369-3301
Pop. 262. In Cochrane Dist., on the Opasatika R. and Hwy 11, 30 km. NW of Kapuskasing.
  2. Lowther Toll Free Phone: (866) 607-6301
Pop. 18. In Lowther T., Cochrane Dist., on the ONR and Hwy. 11, 41 km NW of Kapuskasing. The T. was named after a Major Lowther.
  3. Harty (Harty, 15km) Phone: (705) 335-3066
Pop. 157. In Idington T., Cochrane Dist. on the Ontario Northland Railway and Hwy 11,25 km. NW of Kapuskasing.
4. Township of Val Rita-Harty (Val Rita, 25km) Phone: (705) 335-6146 FAX: (705) 337-6292
  5. Val Rita (Val Rita, 25km) Phone: (705) 335-6640
Pop. 476. In Owens T., Cochrane Dist., on Hwy 11, 14 km. NW of Kapuskasing. The post office was established as Secord in 1923. In 1925 the name was changed to Val Rita for St. Rita, patron saint of St. Rita parish.
  6. Mattice (Mattice, 30km) Phone: (705) 364-2025
Pop. 688. In Eilber T., Cochrane Dist. on the Missinaibi R. and Hwy 11, 64 km. W of Kapuskasing.
7. Township of Mattice-Val Cote (Mattice, 30km) Phone: (705) 364-6511 FAX: (705) 364-6431
  8. Town of Kapuskasing (Kapuskasing, 35km) Phone: (705) 335-8933
Pop. 9,501. In Dist. of Cochrane on the Kapuskasing R. and Hwy 11, 118 km. W of Cochrane.
  9. Hallebourg (Hallebourg, 49km) Phone: (705) 362-8977
Pop. 336. In Kendall T., Cochrane Dist. on Hwy 11, 13 km E of Hearst. Early settlers called the place Holleywood.
  10. Fauquier (Moonbeam, 55km) Phone: (705) 367-2230
Pop. 548. In Shackleton T., Cochrane Dist., on Groundhog R. and Hwy 11,96 km. NW of Cochrane.
  11. Moonbeam (Moonbeam, 55km) Phone: (705) 367-2230
Pop. 784. In Fauquier T., Cochrane Dist., on Moonbeam Cr., and Hwys 11 & 581, 21 km SE of Kapuskasing.


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