Palmer Rapids (Eastern Ontario, K0J 2E0)
1. Latchford Bridge (Historical Post Office) Your Host(s): Palmer Rapids Post Office, Phone: (613) 758-2155 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 40. In Renfrew C. on the Madawaska R. and C. Rds. 514 & 515, 32 km SE of Barry's Bay.
2. Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch & Raglan (Lower Tier Renfrew) Phone: (613) 758-2061 FAX: (613) 758-2235 Leave a Public Review
  3. Palmer Rapids Your Host(s): Quadeville Community Centre, Phone: (613) 758-1034 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 284. In Raglan T., Renfrew C., on the Madawaska R. and Hwy 515, 30 km SE of Barry' s Bay. The post office was named Palmer Rapids in 1872 after a farmer who settled in the area in 1848.
  4. Quadeville (Quadeville, 10km) Your Host(s): Madawaska River Rentals, Phone: (613) 758-2165 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 173. In Renfrew C. on a tributary to the Madawaska R. and C. Rd. 515, 34 km. SE of Barry's Bay.
5. Boulter (Boulter, 15km) Your Host(s): Boulter Post Office, Phone: (613) 332-2708 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
In Carlow T., Hastings C., 39 km NE of Bancroft. Boulter was the first post village in Carlow T., established in 1869.
6. Township of Carlow / Mayo (Lower Tier Hastings) (Boulter, 15km) Your Host(s): Municipal Administration, Phone: (613) 332-1760 FAX: (613) 332-2175 Leave a Public Review
  7. Hardwood Lake (McArthurs Mills, 21km) Your Host(s): Cunningham's Country Store, Phone: (613) 332-1496 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 50. In Brudenell T, Renfrew c., on Hwy. 28 and C. Rd. 514, 42 km NE of Bancroft. The place was called Beardwood, Harwood and Harrowood before being named Hardwood Lake. There are nine other Hardwood Lakes in Ontario.
8. Ireland (Historical Post Office) (McArthurs Mills, 21km) Phone: (613) 332-1496 Leave a Public Review
  9. Wilno (Wilno, 23km) Your Host(s): Whitehead General Store, Phone: (613) 756-3217 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 298. In Sherwood and Hagerty Ts., Renfrew C., on Hwy 60 and C. Rd. 66, 10 km. NE of Barry's Bay.
  10. Barrys Bay (Barrys Bay, 24km) Your Host(s): Canada Post, Phone: (613) 756-2749 Leave a Public Review
The community originated as a stopover point on the Opeongo Colonization Rd., which was largely completed by 1854.
11. Madawaska Kanu Centre (Barrys Bay, 24km) Your Host(s): Claudia and Dirk van Wijk, Phone: (613) 756-3620 FAX: (613) 756-3667 Leave a Public Review