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Plainfield (Eastern Ontario, K0K 2V0)
  1. Latta Your Host(s): Country Market, Phone: (613) 477-2928 Leave a Public Review
In Reg. Mun. of Belleville on the Moira R. and Hwy. 37, 18 km N of Belleville.
  2. Plainfield Your Host(s): Country Market, Phone: (613) 477-2928 Public Reviews (2) Leave a Public Review
Pop. 138. In Hastings C. on Hwy 37 14 km. N of Belleville In 1851 the community was called Latta's Mills. In 1860 it was called Plainfield to reflect the relatively level topography of the area.
  3. Ahola & Sons Construction (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 477-1724 Leave a Public Review
  4. Ahola Exteriors (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 478-3767 Leave a Public Review
  5. Bailey Brown Pottery (Roslin, 7km) Your Host(s): Pamela Bailey Brown, Phone: (613) 477-2039 Leave a Public Review
  6. Billies Place Antiques & Collectables (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 477-2474 Leave a Public Review
  7. Champagne Productions (Roslin, 7km) Your Host(s): Erica Groves, Phone: (613) 477-1676 Leave a Public Review
Wedding videos . Special Events
  8. Chisholm's Tim-BR mart (Roslin, 7km) Your Host(s): Family owned and operated since 1857, Phone: (613) 477-2920 FAX: (613) 477-2112 Leave a Public Review
  9. Columbine Cottage (Roslin, 7km) Your Host(s): Shirley Ivison, Phone: (613) 477-2869 Leave a Public Review
Hand crafted olde world Santa decorative dolls. Original, one of a kind Santas and fibre art wall hangings.
  10. Hagerman - Reid Trucking (Roslin, 7km) Your Host(s): Marvin Reid, Phone: (613) 477-2813 FAX: (613) 477-2813 Leave a Public Review
  11. Ivisons Mechanical (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 477-2869 Leave a Public Review
  12. Redstone Antigues & Collectables (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 477-1013 Leave a Public Review
  13. Rosenplot Sharpening Services (Roslin, 7km) Your Host(s): Roger Rosenplot, Phone: (613) 477-3329 FAX: (613) 477-3329 Leave a Public Review
Commercial, industrial sharpening services
14. Roslin (Roslin, 7km) Your Host(s): Chisholm's Roslin Ltd., Phone: (613) 477-2920 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 223. In Huntingdon T., Hastings C. on Hwy 37 and C. Rd. 7, 25 km N of Belleville.
  15. Roslin Country Store (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 477-2001 Leave a Public Review
  16. Roslins Diesel Auto Centre (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 477-2825 Leave a Public Review
  17. St. Andrew's Church (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 478-2880 Leave a Public Review
  18. St. Paul's Anglican Church and Hall, Roslin (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 477-1177 Leave a Public Review
Address of Parish Hall 82 Boundary Road
  19. Sunrise Motel & Garden Centre (Roslin, 7km) Phone: (613) 478-2326 Leave a Public Review
20. Bridle Path Tack Shop (Corbyville, 9km) Your Host(s): Lori and Rob, Phone: (613) 477-1515 FAX: (613) 477-3101 Leave a Public Review
  21. Burt's Bakery (Corbyville, 9km) Your Host(s): Sherry Casey, Phone: (613) 478-3407 Leave a Public Review
Wholesale Tarts, Pies, Squares
  22. Corbyville (Corbyville, 9km) Your Host(s): Blessington General Store, Phone: (613) 968-2541 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 140. In Quinte West Reg. on the Moira R. just W of Hwy 37,6 km N of Belleville.
  23. Foxboro (Foxboro, 8km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Foxboro, Phone: (613) 968-9504 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 1,200. In Thurlow T., Hastings C., on the Moira R., Hwy 62 and C. Rd. 14, II km. NW of Belleville.
  24. Honeywell Corners (Foxboro, 8km) Your Host(s): Foxboro Post Office, Phone: (613) 968-9504 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 21. In Thurlow T, Hastings C. on Hwy. 37, 9 km N of Belleville. Albert E. Honeywell was MLA and MPP for Ottawa North from 1926-29.
  25. A&T Catering (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): Terri Ward, Phone: (613) 478-2312 Leave a Public Review
26. Brite Electric (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): Brian Teasdale, Phone: (613) 961-9831 Leave a Public Review
  27. David George Brown Contracting (Thomasburg, 11km) Phone: (613) 478-5110 FAX: (613) 478-5111 Leave a Public Review
General Contracting, Renovations, Construction
  28. Earth Haven Farm (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): Kathryn Aunger / Aric and Mary Anne Aguonie, Phone: (613) 478-3876 Leave a Public Review
  29. Garfield Williams Motor Sales & Service (Thomasburg, 11km) Phone: (613) 478-2142 Leave a Public Review
Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Repair and Maintenance
  30. Geens Auto (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): Murney Geen, Phone: (613) 478-5878 Leave a Public Review
Parts Wrecking mainly for Trucks
  31. Marrissett Logging (Thomasburg, 11km) Phone: (613) 478-5638 Leave a Public Review
  32. Ostrich Farm (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): Andy Cernavez, Phone: (705) 778-2900 Leave a Public Review
  33. Pine & Cedar Crafts (Thomasburg, 11km) Phone: (613) 478-6694 Leave a Public Review
  34. Richard G. Cantin & Associates (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): Richard Cantin, Phone: (613) 478-6364 Leave a Public Review
  35. Ronnie Probert Woodworking Designs (Thomasburg, 11km) Phone: (613) 478-1724 Leave a Public Review
36. Selby Garden Centre, Madoc Garden Centre, Thomasburg Garden Centre (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): David Morton, Phone: (613) 478-2326 Leave a Public Review
Welcome to Selby Garden Centre offering Canadian grown annuals, perennials and woody ornamental plants suited to the Hastings / Lennox & Addington and Frontenac climates.
37. The Root Cellar and the Sunrise Motel (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): David Morton, Phone: (613) 478-2326 Leave a Public Review
Specializing in cold-hardy nursery stock for Zones 4 and 5 (Canada). Fruit, shade and ornamental trees. Flowering and evergreen landscaping shrubs. Perennials, annuals, hanging baskets, patio containers. Locally made garden accessories.
  38. Thomasburg (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): Sunrise Motel, Phone: (613) 478-2326 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 143. In Hungerford T., Hastings C. on Hwy 37, 23 km. N of Belleville. The community was named in 1853 after three pioneer settlers: Thomas Clare, Thomas Graham and Thomas Nichols.
  39. Thomasburg & Roslin United Church (Thomasburg, 11km) Phone: (613) 477-1178 Leave a Public Review
  40. Thomasburg Recreation Committee (Thomasburg, 11km) Your Host(s): Eve Anderson, Phone: (613) 478-2900 Leave a Public Review
Maintain Hall, Organize Events


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